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Serving Our Community Memory Care of New Braunfels Accepts Displaced Residents

sure they had a warm bed, felt safe, and had a good night’s rest. We wanted to avoid as much trauma as possible for a smooth transition.

On a Monday night in early August, I was just settling into bed when my phone rang. As the executive director of Memory Care of New Braunfels, this isn’t uncommon, but nothing could have prepared me for the news our Resident Services Director Tina Schulze had. “Get dressed and meet me at the building,” Tina said. She had received a call from Gruene Senior Living in New Braunfels after their building had caught on fire and displaced 17 of their memory care residents. Because our New Braunfels location was listed as Gruene’s emergency secondary location, Tina opened our doors to their residents. I quickly met with Tina, our marketing coordinator, two nursing aides, and the staff from our business office around 9:30 p.m. We had to purchase more pillows, blankets, and furniture, outfitting each room as best we could within a matter of hours for 12 new residents. Gruene sent an additional five residents later that week. Local ambulance services brought residents in two at a time, and we began settling them into their temporary homes. Our main priority was to make This meant we had just a few hours to prepare for more than a dozen admissions.

country. I even gave them a true Texas experience at Buc-ee’s! I pulled off on the side of the road and said, “Guys, you’re looking at the largest and cleanest gas station in the U.S.” And like any visitors, they were enamored with the site and took many pictures to show off back home. I feel so fortunate to have been part of this opportunity, and I know Linda felt the same way. She even said to me, “Thank you so much for involving me in all of that. To be able to meet them and be a part of it, it’s going to be everlasting to me.” Our group agreed to stay in touch, ensuring that this connection will last for years to come. We can only continue to grow when we connect with others, and just like us, they are facing the same challenges. As Linda says, “We’re all so much the same.” ... Continued from Cover By 4:30 a.m. that Tuesday, we left our community in the hands of our regular staff and Gruene’s staff. Later that morning, we made a list of the things we needed and dove into each item as quickly as possible. Despite the tragedy and fear, this transition has been smooth. Every team member from Memory Care of New Braunfels has been flexible and understanding, while the Gruene team has adapted quickly. Our families have also shown their support, offering clothing, blankets, and other donations for our newest residents. Ken Luccioni from the corporate office has also been supportive and gracious during this incredibly busy time. As of today, we still have interim residents in our community, and they will be with our community for at least six months. While we never want a tragedy to strike, we could not have asked for better families, residents, and staff to temporarily join our Memory Care America family. Don’t keep our work and dedication to memory care a secret. Direct your friends and family to our facilities at or find us on Facebook.

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Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret! —JimWalesa


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