Nursing and Midwifery Research Annual Report 2021


MEDICATION SAFETY AND LISTENING TO THE PATIENT Medication safety is a critically important dimension of nursing and midwifery care. NSLHD nurses and midwives support and strive for a culture of safety which underpins excellent quality care. Research projects conducted across NSLHD exemplify this authentically. Specifically, research activities were designed to explore parents’ and/or patients’ perceptions of safety within our organisation. The study providing parent and/or patient perceptions of medication safety is: Elliott R, Fry M, Salter R. Reducing medication administration errors using the behaviour change wheel: The ReMAdE project

‘…and it was the trust in the nurse, not necessarily what they said or did, it was my trust in them that led me to take the medication without a hitch. Oh the hospital, I trust this hospital implicitly and the medical staff so I think a history of getting it right and a history of performance at a level which it has gained my trust has led to that one decision.’ (patient) ‘…the nurse was very professional. She’s a registered nurse, so she’s thoroughly and competently trained. And exhibits a high level of expertise.’ (patient)

‘They also explain usually in front of me they’ll explain what they are doing. What it’s for and why the dose is what it is. So they always include me on what they are doing. Which makes me feel comfortable.’ (parent) ‘So I felt that was a very thorough process with like double checking and cross-checking everything’. I just think it was good that they cross-checked each other’s work. Because I guess they have a lot of different babies, and they are giving a lot of medication. At one stage she had like eight different medications and to make sure that they are given at the right time and at the right amount was kind of, was great to see that someone else was cross-checking it.’ (parent) ‘….the nurses that I have encountered are very thorough, giving me the medications but also hanging around to make sure the medications are taken properly. Right to and it sounds trite to say in some ways but the little container they’ll take it off me and put it in the bin. It’s probably just part of making sure that the medications have been taken properly but it’s also just manners and that makes a lot of points with me.’ (patient)


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