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As Anna and I grow closer, I’m privileged to learn more about her traditions. The way her family spends the Fourth of July has always been something special to her. Most of us know how big of a deal the Huntington Beach parade is for our local community, but it goes beyond just Orange County. It is the largest Independence Day parade west of the Mississippi. Every year, Anna and her family used to camp out a couple of days before so they could have just the right spot for their viewing pleasure. Well, Anna, being the generous person she is, let me in on this tradition, and I did what any sane person would do. I hijacked it. “If you haven’t spent time at 2 a.m. negotiating with strangers for land space at a Fourth of July event, you haven’t lived.” NEW 4TH OF JULY TRADITIONS How Surf City Celebrates Independence Day We use Anna’s tradition for our firm now as a way to show appreciation for our clients. The platform gives us an opportunity for others to spend time in a prime location and enjoy the spectacle. We’re all about developing more in-depth relationships, and this is one way we can do that. Our referral partners come down, and every year, we get to meet new people. But the experience isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It takes work to find the right spot. If you haven’t spent time at 2 a.m. negotiating with strangers for land space at a Fourth of July event, you haven’t lived. When we first started, it was just Anna and me rotating shifts to stake a claim

and keep our space. There were lots of sacrifices just for a little plot of land, but it wasn’t all bad. As the years went by, negotiations turned into friendships. Now we have people we collaborate with to mark our territory. Sure, I’m still out there camping out on Main Street from time to time, but the bonds I’ve forged have made it wonderful.

Once the parade rolls through town, it’s all fun and games. A couple of years ago, we had this crazy beach ball idea. We ordered 200 Surf City Lawyers beach balls and

proceeded to spend the next three days blowing them up all on our own. Just before the parade started, we let them loose on Main Street and blanketed the

whole block. Kids ran around playing with them, and there were beach balls in the crowd for the rest of the parade. I’m not sure what the return on investment was in that marketing venture, but the fun factor made it completely worth it.

Camping for days on end, blowing up hundreds of beach balls, and fighting off people for space all might sound like a drag, but it’s always worth it. After the festivities, we head back to my roof where we can see professional firework shows in every direction. We eat some classic American meals and spend time in great company. We live here, and we work here. This is our hometown. We love to have fun on the Fourth because our work is fun (and we like to think that we’re fun, too). It’s all about community for us. The pageantry and the holiday are incredible, but it would all be for naught without the people we celebrate with. Come on down this year and see for yourself. We’re not sure if there will be hundreds of beach balls, but there sure will be good company.

–Christine Kingston

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