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A Brennan Family Christmas


It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of winter. I much prefer the warm weather. Last year, my favorite part of the winter months was when my family took a trip to Cancun. That said, while I could do without the ice and snow, I always look forward to Christmas. My wife and I are the sort of people who, if we need something throughout the year, we will go buy it ourselves. This makes it a little difficult to shop for gifts. So, around Christmas, instead of trying to find that “perfect gift” for each other, we focus all our attention on our kids. When I was young, the holidays could be a little hard, so I have always tried to make Christmas extra special for my family. When my kids were young, every year was a good year.

always come out to visit us for Christmas. The kids don’t know a holiday without their grandparents. Plus, my father- in-law’s birthday

is Dec. 26, and we’ll often celebrate that, too. And I can’t forget the food. Christmas Eve

I loved to get up early on Christmas morning to set up the camera before the kids dove into their gifts. I’m not ashamed to say I spoiled the hell out of my kids around the holidays. My son got his first four-wheeler when he was 4 years old, and my daughter got a pony when she was around 3. Of course, with these kind of gifts came lessons in responsibility. My son learned a lot about safety when he got that four-wheeler, and when my daughter wanted to start riding horses, it meant she also had to learn how to take care of them. The presents are just one aspect of Christmas. My wife and I have also worked hard to create traditions that turn into lasting memories. We always went and picked out a fresh tree together and spent the evening decorating it as a family. In addition to Thanksgiving, my in-laws have

offers ham, while Christmas dinner is always a big steak fillet with sweet potatoes and green beans. There are a lot of

little things that come together to make Christmas happen, and I love them all.

No matter how much ice and snow come our way, I will always look forward to the holidays. I loved to put on a big Christmas for the kids when they were young, and now that they’ve grown, I value the time we have together. Both my kids are away for school at University of Delaware, so we only have them for a few weeks during the holidays. Every second counts. Giving gifts and eating great meals are fun, but being together as a family, creating memories and remembering the love we have for each other — that’s what Christmas is all about. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all. I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your loved ones and enjoy a healthy and prosperous new year.


—Jim Brennan




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