Roz Marketing - November/December 2020

Ruthie Ponce, Project Coordinator Employee Spotlight:

A new job is a good thing: It means a fresh start, a new routine, and endless possibilities. A new job, when you get to “come home,” is a great thing because you get all the above and the added assurance that you’re right where you belong! Ruthie Ponce came“home” when she joined the Roz Strategies team this past January and was reunited with her former boss, Michael, and colleagues Becky and John. Ruthie previously worked for six and a half years as an administrative assistant in Michael’s tax resolution practice, where she learned the ins and outs of helping clients who have tax problems. “I assisted the attorneys, andmost importantly, I helped complete 433-A’s,” Ruthie explains. “I learned a lot from working with the attorneys. One of the attorneys I worked for was Parham Khorsandi, who nowworks directly with Michael, teaching classes to our members. Parham taught me how to legally gather information and settle state cases.”

After Michael left his company and launched Roz Strategies, Ruthie shares that her position there was no longer a good fit for her, and she took a job at UCLA. She worked at UCLA for a few years when John, our sales and client care executive here at Roz Strategies, recommended Ruthie for the position of project coordinator. It was easy for Ruthie to decide to accept the job. “Working for Michael at his tax resolution firmwas a very good experience,”she recalls. “He was always trying to give us the best education and encouraging us to do our best. So, when this opportunity came up and John reached out tome, I figured I’m coming back home.” As it turns out, Ruthie works most closely with Roslyn, the one member of the Roz teamwith whom Ruthie had not worked before. “I’m Roslyn’s right hand, and I help Michael as well,”she says. “I make sure the members receive their member packages eachmonth, newsletters, and reminders of when the Q&A calls and webinars are scheduled. I also help Roslyn plan events, get products together, and answer phones. Everybody here is a team. Everybody is responsible for certain things, but we’re all very versatile, and we all help each other.” Ruthie started in January, pre-COVID-19, so some things changed soon after she started working. Ruthie was working for the first time on planning a big in- personTax Resolution Success Summit event with over 200 people, and then COVID-19 hit. “We went fromplanning it in-person to having to switch it overnight to virtual,”she says. She shares that it was stressful to plan an event, but she also had a lot of fun working on it. “It’s just incredible to see it on the back end. It was an amazing experience.”

If Ruthie sounds positive and upbeat, it’s because she is. “I just want this company to be successful because when this company’s successful, we’re all successful,” she explains. “What motivates me the most is my son; he’s the one who pushes me through to get up every morning and work hard for him.” Ruthie’s son, Julian, is 10 years old and plays club soccer. That makes Ruthie a Soccer mom — with a capital S! “My life literally revolves around soccer,” she says. “He plays forward, so he’s the one who scores. I enjoy it, and it’s something he loves.” Ruthie’s household also includes a 1-year-old puppy named Spot, a poodle-Shih Tzu mix who goes with them everywhere. And of course, there’s the Roz Strategies family. “It feels like home, so it doesn’t feel like a job,” Ruthie says. “We all support each other, it’s more like a family than a workplace.”

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