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August 2018


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By the time you receive this newsletter, the De La Fuentes should be on our way down to Wildwood to enjoy the last stretch of the kids’ summer vacation. There’s no better cure for the summer heat than having a classic New Jersey holiday at the beach, complete with boogie boarding and nights on the boardwalk. That’s why this Wildwood trip has been a family tradition for the past 5–6 years. Believe it or not, I was looking to mix things up this year. The kids are getting older, and I thought maybe they’d appreciate a little variety. Nope. As soon as I brought up the possibility of going somewhere else for our August trip, I was immediately overruled. Oh well — I’m glad the kids enjoy the beach as much as my wife and I do. Before we had kids, this was exactly the kind of trip my wife and I loved. As I’ve mentioned in the past, our first date was at the old Seaside Heights pier, where we rode the Jet Star, ate cotton candy, and had plenty of laughs. Needless to say, classic boardwalks hold a special place in our hearts, and we’re glad our kids are at an age where they can enjoy the rides too! “It’s nice for the kids (and their parents) to have a bit of a breather and just have fun before the fall.” OUR ANNUAL TRIP TO WILDWOOD A SEND-OFF TO SUMMER These days, when we go to Wildwood, I do plenty of lounging on the beach and catch up on my reading while the kids swim. Of course, I’ll occasionally borrow one of their boogie boards and really show them how it’s done! All in all, it’s great to be able to get some much-needed R & R before the school year picks up again. You see, with both kids so involved in sports, their summer “vacation” rarely feels like an actual vacation. Between practice and their leagues’ busy tournament

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schedules, the earlier summer months can feel just as hectic as the school year! It’s nice for the kids (and their parents) to have a bit of a breather and just have fun before the fall. No wonder the kids are so attached to this family tradition. We are adding a new element to the regular routine this year, thanks to my daughter. We’ve gotten to know her best friend’s parents over the years, so naturally, they’re now our friends too! They actually have a beach house near Sea Isle, so we decided to stop in on our drive home this year. We’ll spend the night and maybe do some barbecuing. It will be a nice way to wrap up the trip and break up the drive somewhat. This is sure to be a great send-off for the summer. Hopefully, our readers are planning their own ways to enjoy the last of the warm weather before the fall sets in! Of course, pain doesn’t always afford us a summer break. If aches or discomforts have been holding you back from beaches or boardwalks, please stop by the clinic and let my team give you a hand!

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Here’s to sun and fun,

–David DeLaFuente

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