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JAN 2020

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In December, I flew to Costa Rica to speak at a trial lawyers seminar. Traveling is one of my passions, and this was the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge with peers while visiting a beautiful place. My plan for the trip was to spend six days in Costa Rica: three at the seminar giving my presentation and connecting with other attorneys, using the downtime for planning, and three truly resting on vacation — no checking my email and no taking calls, just enjoying the beautiful country I was in. And you know what? I truly honored both intentions. Those three days at the seminar, I didn’t tune in to the day to day of the firm. Instead, I used that time for my 2020 planning. I worked on things that get lost in the everyday hustle and grind or that I often don’t have the time or mental freedom to do. During my three days off, I relaxed and soaked up my environment, spending time on the beach and walking along the water. I took a book I was working through and sat on the beach, read, and actually relaxed. It felt miraculous. It was the intersection of the happy place between my personal and professional life. It was only possible to tune out of the work grind and in to my surroundings because I have an incredible team who is 100% behind me. Without them or the systems we’ve put in place over the last year, I wouldn’t have felt confident stepping away. Reflecting on the year, we made huge strides in building sustainable systems and processes, ones that allow all of us to do what we do best. Our marketing is no longer compartmentalized; everyone is involved in planning and execution. It allows for all of our stories, instead of just my own, to be reflected in the things we put out. Team members’ personalities are being brought into the stories we share about our firm, and it’s really cool to see this in motion. In large part thanks to the flowchart we developed, we have such a good support system in place, and everyone knows their role. But even better, we know who else can perform that role or help out. Where Personal and Professional Meet

Something else big shifted in 2019. I’m no longer the only person responsible for the majority of day-to-day operations at our firm. Members of my team have taken new responsibilities in stride, and they’ve taken ownership over their projects. It’s so rewarding as a business owner to see this transformation take place. It feels like magic, but I know it’s the result of the vision we’ve developed and the planning we’ve done over the last few years. Now that we have our team in place, we’re refining our systems, ones that play to everyone’s strengths. This is building in more personal time for me. I’m always going to think about the firm 24/7. It’s who I am. But the way our firm is set up now allows me to grow both personally and professionally in ways that strengthen the firm. Going to Costa Rica was a beautiful example of this. I’m getting to those intersections where I can become a better person in both my personal and professional life. Going into the new year, I encourage you to find those intersections in your life — the areas that can strengthen each other. I think you’ll find it’s immensely rewarding when you get there.

–Russell Button




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