Waldegrave School Autumn Magazine 2022


MATHS OLYMPIAD On 28 September the annual Mathematics Olympiad for girls commenced across the country. The UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls is a fantastic opportunity for our bright mathematicians to test their knowledge and skills, with the chance of being selected to engage in training and join the team for the European Girls Maths Olympiad. We are thrilled to have had five of our students from varying year groups take on this challenge, our youngest contender being Clemence P. in Y9 as well as Catherine P (Y11), Amara C, Hannah D and Emma S (all Y13). Well done for all your amazing efforts and hard work put into this Maths Olympiad!

We were lucky enough to have a spectacular dance of celebration organised and choreographed by Tanisha G, which was performed on 19 October, ahead of Diwali as it fell within half term. The costumes, stage decorations and atmosphere were amazing and all of the students and staff who attended were blown away by the performance. It was wonderful to see so many students and teachers there supoporting this brilliant event. A huge well done to all of those involved and a happy Diwali!


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