Waldegrave School Autumn Magazine 2022


The Jack Petchey Award is a speaking challenge that celebrates young people’s achievements. The challenge centres around young minds speaking out about different topics that are personal and interesting to them. “We were given plenty of useful tips about writing and performing a speech. We found out about the award and how it can help you in your life and how critical speaking skills are. We practised talking to others about ourselves as well as asking questions about our peers. We then did an improvisation session, before scripting and rehearsing our final speeches to deliver to the group. Despite my initial nervousness I thought this was an amazing experience!” ~ Lia H. 10PGC “At the start of the workshop I was really nervous and reluctant to present a speech. However, knowing everyone was in the same boat gave me confidence to perform my speech successfully. This workshop helped tremendously to improve my confidence when public speaking- the tips and tricks given were really helpful! I would highly recommend taking part in this workshop.” ~ Olivia C. 10ESU


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