Waldegrave School Autumn Magazine 2022


ANTIGONE AT REGENTS PARK Y13 Drama students went to see Antigone in Regents Park Open Air Theatre on 22 September. The production was a modernised

version of the Greek classic and was very useful in giving students some creative ideas for staging, as well as helping to understand the plot of the play. Students who also study English found the production useful as it was closer to the play Home Fires with a modern look at racism and islamophobia. Some of the chorus were presented as the youth of today which made it feel as though the performers were speaking to them. Other chorus lines were allocated to an actor who looked and acted like Dominic Cummings so helped to clarify the aim of the play that everyone should question those in power.


“Twelth Night was an excellent production, helping us as the students to understand the Shakespearean humour that may have originally gone over our heads. It was engaging, hilarious, and had the audience in hysterics when Ms Clarke and Ms Goodman were brought onstage to be part of the production. It was truly wonderful!” - Zizi M. 11PMU


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