Waldegrave School Autumn Magazine 2022


Our recent Scholastic book fair was a huge success giving our students an opportunity to browse and buy. There were over 200 titles for them to choose from and with prices starting from only £2.99 there were books for everyone. The students were excited to see most of Sue Wallman’s books there, especially her most recent title ‘ Such A Good Liar ’. Sue is the Librarian at Teddington School and her thrillers are among the most popular books in the school library. ‘ Your Turn To Die ’ was voted one of our favourites last year. Students bought over £750 of books raising over £390 in rewards allowing us to purchase free books for our school library ensuring that our students have access to the most up to date and popular reads. Mia in 9PBE said: “I really liked the book fair. It had a great selection of books. I would love it if they did this at school again.”


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