Waldegrave School Autumn Magazine 2022



PRE-LOVED UNIFORM SALE Thank you to everyone who supported our Pre-loved Uniform Sale that took place on 24 September. The turnout was amazing, and because of all your support we raised a whopping £800! A huge thank you to the great bunch of parents who stood out in the cold, selling and sorting uniform - Sam, Katie, Victoria & Rachel – and special thanks to Lacey in Year 9. Our next uniform sale is set to take place on 3 December.


The Annual Y7 Bingo Night was once again PHENOMENAL! The Bingo was amazing, the pizzas were superb, and the craic was mighty! We really hope that everyone who came along had a super evening and hope they will support other PTA events through the year. We raised almost £2,000 thanks to the hard work and commitment of other parents. Special thanks to Sarah Proctor-Lane (and her family) for the best Bingo-calling & Bingo jackets ever. Thank you to Victoria and Matt who coordinated the 144 pizzas from Pizza Firenze including recycling the boxes! Thank you to all the volunteers on the night who made it happen (and apologies if I miss any): Meg, Paul, Will, Mark, Catherine, Catherine, Emma & Fiona. Thank you also to our Headteacher Ms Tongue, Assistant Head Mrs Dhir and our Assistant Head & PTA Link, Ms Lane, for all her ongoing help & support behind the scenes, especially in promoting the event. If you would like to get involved in any future events or have questions please email pta@waldegravesch.org.


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