Waldegrave School Autumn Magazine 2022


The start of a new academic year is always a time of both great excitement and enormous challenge. That dichotomy is especially pronounced for our Y12 students, for whom the start of a new phase of their education presents the opportunity to make new friends and devote themselves to the subjects they are most passionate about, whilst also posing the joint challenges of adjusting to the standard of work expected at A Level and settling into a new routine after a long summer holiday.

Although the Sixth Form is a more familiar environment to our Y13 students, I am sure they will also have approached their final year with the same blend of enthusiasm and trepidation, as they make decisions about their next steps and work towards their final exams. I have been enormously proud of the manner in which both year groups have managed the difficulties and made the most of the opportunities. There have been many highlights of this half term. In particular, it was a pleasure to meet our new Y12 cohort on their induction day in September. I have also been extremely proud of the effort, enthusiasm and commitment students have shown in their sporting endeavours. We have fielded teams in football, basketball and netball and look forward to more fixtures in the latter half of the term. Finally, I would like to congratulate the 40 students in Y13 who have already submitted their UCAS applications. I look forward to sending many more over the coming weeks! The next half term will no doubt be very busy, with a careers themed activity day planned for Y12 and mock exams for Y13, alongside the usual medley of lessons, trips and other activities.

~ Mr Bannister, Head of Key Stage 5 .


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