Animal Clinic of Kalispell - December 2019


The Reawakening of 2019

Why do you do what you do?

This is a question I asked myself recently while on a retreat with Leadership Flathead. Developed by the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce, this organization is made up of business, nonprofit, and government leaders from throughout Flathead Valley, all dedicated to building leadership skills and developing our community. I’ve been wanting to join Leadership Flathead for two years, and now that we have two extra doctors at the clinic, I’m finally able to get involved. I have a deep love for this community, and I want to see it thrive forever into the future. Being part of Leadership Flathead allows me to be part of building our community’s future. It also demands that I look inward to myself and my clinic. Joining Leadership Flathead meant examining the work we do at The Animal Clinic of Kalispell and answering the “Why” of what we do here. The answer I discovered wasn’t surprising: I come to work every day to try and make people’s lives better. I just happen to do this by ensuring their pets are healthy so they can stay together for as long as possible. This is why I got into veterinary medicine. I never forgot my mission, per se, but joining Leadership Flathead served as a reawakening. Much like how losing Teton so abruptly reminded me exactly what my clients go through when they lose a pet, reexamining my purpose reminded me that I’m here to help people through their pets. Each time I hire someone new, I look for someone who shares this same value. Everyone on my staff knows the responsibility we have and is here to make it a reality. I believe this is the same reason our clients choose The Animal Clinic of Kalispell. There are a number of veterinarians in the

area. Our clients choose us because they themselves intuitively recognize how their pets improve their own lives. Our dogs and cats fill our lives with so much joy; they truly become part of the family. When someone brings their pet to us, we see it as someone asking us to help a family member. When Fluffy comes through the door, we know she’s not like every other cat we see. She’s unique and has her own needs we need to address. She’s Fluffy. When Snoopy arrives, we’re seeing Snoopy, not all the other beagles in the world. He’s his own guy and his owners have their own thoughts on what his care needs to be. It’s up to us to answer those needs and help Snoopy and his owners enjoy many happy years together. That’s what we’re doing here. That’s why I, Dr. Corum, Dr. Ball, and all our staff come into the clinic each day. We all want to see our community thrive, and part of that involves being there for our neighbors who need help with their pets.



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