I friday may 9, 1980

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Bengalsdr�p 2 to Niagara; extend losing streak to 9

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not to blame?

--ttol. .,rns. forMike Collopy that lh�::;.:::ret.��!/:� effort int.o somrthin11. ,..,.u;hin� it i:,ow and tl,cn \ i;,,e th� wrecklnB ball of today'• money prohlcm1cruob it, ii not "(Ofth the fnatration. And t h e way lhinp itand now, the wreck!nR ball is rightontal):el. Afwr ac < .1:,pl,nR the 8SC ln�k �'<'a<..'hin� po,ition th,.,._. years qo , Collopy h u IW

hut the ,eal probl�m 11ill Ii-, ln th� poo,;ible ruin s - o f the lra<;k i.,am /The qu01tion is,Why?Why, ..k• Collopy, is tJUck. 11<:kno,.•ledged WedneldayniKht h ) 'Fred liartrick :" ...., !�.. ::.�ti��ly 0 ;'.!ini.Zfro 0 � thebankmll1?WhycannotV&<:kbo' on equal fin!ll1cial fooling with ti.ketball? Why, aoklMike Collopy, can Fredonia 1ucceufully fund • bukdtnll progrllm and 118(:k p«l�andnotBSC'/ ·'Al! 1:m askins for i1 pority in· the funding or t h e oporti prognum at surf St.ete," Collopy 1,11ld Wedneoday night. "l1 t h at 1.00 mu�h to ask?'' In an inWrvicw with the RECORI!,Collopy,nW

Borschel lool"'d found (h..kPtballl left. oil around befor� llonney last )'ear (bao!:etball)andaf1.<:ronlrone1·ear t,, lert. The liot goe1 on. Am J ltting thinp or who.L No, Ibey wt,ttall frt1Stn1lNI. l'roblernwit h thetundsil that we have a million 1cams thlt :.1�\t".;,.�1·! h : wt� efu:h�r.� Sowtloiatoblame? Unlted Stodenla' Uovemment? � Not really ' T h e bud�et committee? Not really. No � thletjcsandt.oorna'nyorl h em? • HowardMacAdam?MJybe. The SUNY oy1i..m?Ultlmatety. You Clll1 rule out t h e toplhrtt 1implybec1use1nytlllng that11"II ,u,...., and pNsel iirnllr the wor� of the athletic budlfl!t rommllt« w h o1ub!ni1& ill toUSl1. Howard MBCAdam7 Maybe. May)>,,, be<:au.e the 1thllltic director should h 1ve the final 1ay about llis bud�et and 1111 prop0....i 11.1bmltwp budget.Bui-then 1111aln, Mr. MacAdam would h ave e,.,e,y 1port on ca111pu1, pkkelinJ hil doors\ci,,B!iklnM ror more money Dut,if!raek lsrt>allythenu"1bi-r one 1pnrt on cflmpu1. which. without a doubt It ii, \hen thcr� mU1t be some way to fund It u,a mann�r t h al 11cknowll'dKet H1 accomplis h menll, ju1\ like ba$htballwu11<:knowlNlgedforlt1 1ue<:c11ful l(>uonl with Randy Smll h undcon111•ny. T:1111: about Mr. MncAdam 'tlLlnklnKball:etballand nothlnRbut '!' h lilt)' er f)a,..,

1xul:ettnll ma}'or maynol.betr1,. 111,en it comes to funding, I hop, noLBui one haJ In wondn, lf ti> bliisketh:llltnmandMr.�J.cA(W[. found mone)' to fund I juniOI 1"Vf.iLy,.qU.1d thil )'e:tr. w h ydOfti• ��: � �1:.u,� "d no to CoUnpy, aow: • in ih<'-IOngrun h ow,,ver,!tiltl,, SUNYq,sWm-th•tii to blam,. ··w���d���f� i ��u�� ••�;· beuoed time ,.,,a time again,with some validity. It m111t be rememberedthattheJ�ntlpa.? for1th!etianotSUNY. Stat,, fundina of • h le\.lcs c moreover t h e non·fundln1 o, 1thletia by th, state It ultim1ttl� \he culprit be h ind any fjnlll(:111 dimcultin $UNY ln1Ulutlon1 r.c< such•Collopy·s. But t h at ii• ractofSUNY lire one tll•t must be remembl!redbul not cried upon.W h at is done� done. It'• up to the 1thll'.li< dlreclQrs of t h e coUei;eo to wort out t h tlrmoneyproblerri1. t;ood,aound leadcrshlplt•mUI' w h endealingwilhfinanclH, , I �ttalnlyhope,for tlltNl

p r o b I em 1 , reoccuring problems thU have Jo(t him bewildered and hi1 family alm 08 ttom '"" Budgpt cutbad

Mike Collopy

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Collopy' 1boilingpoint. Co!lopywilltttignaatracl:c<>aeb l:lter nest wtel,;. And wit h him ma' nro�thetr.1d:1W'ICollopyhDII ,ec,'1to-0bad. Toobad ,becaUIPBSC,espl!Clally athkti.e drpartmP11t admini5tr.1t<>rt, have bttnwanUngwbad to get t»ckto"' tflrsloryda1.. of8SC," Collop)·'I. quilling will aet the p1oeraa,bael:ten}· eo.11. , Sinceeoming back to hilfonmir coll�R'-', CollopyhU built a trBCk program rrom a nothin� 1l.8rt. /le h u recruited 1uccenrully. Somethin� rarely 11(.�n in Civision ]JI athletics.HaU, Lew,s ,Simpoon ..., all nnme11 Collopy h u reached ou1 for.Allclawtrackmen·thank1 �8i' i �;� Y dJ�l . n,ady to leave SSC The uu,ladl!I can go on and on

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