choir. You should be prepared to bring the necessary materials and tools to help remodel and repair the building in between services. In this way we can save some real solid money. Be prepared to spend time in the church office. If you desire a copy of the bulletin, bring your own sup­ plies for its printing. Then call by the church and pick up your copy. This will eliminate the expense of office help and equipment. It is un­ derstood, naturally, that each mem­ ber will take his turn preaching and leading the services. Each one will have to conduct funerals, perform marriages, call on members and prospects, visit the sick, and in gen­ eral, guide the administration of the church. This will save the church the necessity of a pastor’s salary. One must arrange his affairs so that he might spend at least a y.ear as a mis­ sionary on some foreign field. This will take away the need for mission­ ary offerings. Thus, we can be known as the church that needs no money.” Do you suppose that this would ever really happen? Would you wish it to be that way? If not, give God ten per cent of your income and very easily arrangements can be made for the rest. You are the one who uses the lights, water, music and minis­ terial services of the church. So, which shall it be for you: the weekly candle and mop, or the weekly enve­ lope containing your tithe? Money is a medium of exchange. The Christian takes money which he cannot keep anyway and ex­ changes it for that which he can never lose. This is the way by which a Christian can lay up treasures in heaven. How tragic is the lack of in­ terest in giving, on the part of most Christians. We need to come back to the simple, sensible way of giving to God. Following the glorious res­ urrection chapter fifteen of First Co­ rinthians, we find these words, “ Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even so do ye. Upon the first day of the week let everyone of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come” (I Cor. 16:1, 2). Then Paul adds the thought that when he comes he will approve their work and way by the grace of God. This was the heavy burden upon the heart of the great apostle. How many hearts today are filled with avarice. It is a sin. We need to learn how to give. God is not a char­ ity patient; He asks no favors; He is no blubbering grandfather who intends to live off the benevolence of our puny hearts. God seeks nothing

of a man who does not give with a happy heart of love. Even some preachers act as if they are pulling the “ eye tooth of a baby” when they give men the privilege of financially co-operating with God. Others rant and rave for hours to enrich their own coffers with the goods of God’s people. This is not right. I would rather be able to appreciate things I cannot have than to have things I am not able to appreciate. I know that this is a touchy sub­ ject but it is a sin against God when we do not invest whole-heartedly for Him. Years ago my wife had a friend attend church with her. When the lady saw her put several dollars in the offering plate, she said, “ Paper money? Why does anyone ever give more than a dime in the house of God?” ■In this day of grace, voluntary, cheerful, generous giving is a real test of our sincerity and love for the Lord. How true the old axiom that we “ put our money where our love is.” How many Christians will make speeches on prayer meeting night, but there is covetousness within their hearts? Men are greedy with God’s gift to them. They rob the Re­ deemer. God says, “ But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you” (Ephesians 5:3). If evil fathers give good gifts, Christian sons ought at least to give good gifts to God. God says, “Honor the Lord with thy sub­ stance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase” (Prov. 3:9). But someone objects, “ That’s law, not grace.” If a careful Jewish man would tithe, then a generous Gentile ought to outstrip him by far with at least a tenth or double tenth. You say, “ If I were rich, I could afford a tithe.” It is just as easy for a poor man to give a dime out of a dollar as it is for a rich man to give ten thousand out of a hundred thousand. It is on a percentage basis. God will bless you in it. Do you know, if every Christian would tithe of his income and put God first in his investment pattern, there would be so much money we could reach the last living man on the earth in our generation with the Gospel? You c anno t buy salvation. If you’re not born again, these words are not directed to you. But, if you belong to Christ, remember that you owe a debt of love. Only by giving with a heart of liberality, joy, and cheerfulness can you sing. Delight in giving God first place in your invest­ ment pattern. If money bothers you, “ Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you’.’ THE KING'S BUSINESS




Bibles and Books Scofield Bible — Retail and Wholesale — All Editions — Fresh Stock — Gold Stamping — Thumb Index — Fowler's Christian Book Store, 113 Main Street, Hamburg, New York 14075. RELIGIOUS BOOKS PURCHASED — Any size library. Send list, or write for details. Baker Book House, Dept. KB, Grand Rapids 6, Michigan. Bible Lessons Krata-Kraft Bible Lessons now available. Write for free catalog. Bookstore discounts. Message of Life, Box 14, Ahwahnee, California 93601 Bibles Rebound Write for illustrated price list from nation's largest Bible rebinding specialists. Work Guaran­ teed. Norris Bookbinding Co., 122 Stone, Green­ wood, Mississippi. Music Correct and singable hymn music, composed, ar­ ranged, edited and printed. Folders free. Ray­ mond Iden (KB), Mount Vernon, Ohio. Free Christmas Chimes Album W ith the purchase of three albums! It's new, "Christmas Encores," Organ and Chimes! Also available, Easter, Cathedral, Faith, Praise, Even­ tide, Memories, Morning, etc. Free catalogue, write Chimes, 1818 Outpost Drive, Hollywood, California 90028. Help Wanted Large Rescue Mission needs additional staff workers. Single or married. Board, room, compen­ sation. Write P.O. Box 202, Seattle 11, Wash. One of the Lord's radio stations needs an an­ nouncer with first class license. Station features good music and the nation's leading gospel programs. KCFA, Box 8024, Spokane, Wash. MUSIC STORE MANAGER: organs, pianos, small instruments. State experience, instruments played, and church affiliation. Ivar Johnson, 801 East 14th Street, Oakland, California. Accountant Assistant to Controller, college degree with major in accounting or equivalent required. One or more years of auditing experience desirable al­ though recent graduate will be considered. Posi­ tion available with Swedish Covenant Hospital and Covenant (retirement) Home located in Chicago which are owned and operated by the Evangelical Covenant Church of America. Send resume to Controller, 5145 N. California, Chicago, Illinois 60625.__________________ Position Wanted Young man, 25, with three years Bible school desires full time Christian work in Los Angeles area. Married, two children. M. Hamersley, c/o H. Noble, 16040 Meadowside, La Puente, Calif. Pray MAY WE PRAY FOR t / Yt er YOUR REQUESTS? Send to Prayer Time, The King’s Business maga­ zine, 558 So. Hope, Los Angeles 17, California. LUXURY TOUR TO EUROPE AND HOLY LANDS by TWA Jet Visit ten countries— 22 days Escort: David Thiesen — One of the founding directors of the Fresno Bible House and Hume Lake Bible Confer­ ence Depart Los Angeles, April 11th, 1966 Only $1260.00— A ll inclusive For free folder write: CLIFF GOTAAS TRAVEL, 7 West Madison, Chicago, Illinois OR P.O. Box 282, Glendale, California

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