enhancing those everyday. Through competition between our models we are always driving continuous improvements in performance. That is how we are always getting better at delivering a great consumer experience, making the best matches between consumers and agents, and supporting our agents and brokers through the entire transaction. 6. How is Opcity using leads/ services/data from ATTOM to fuel its platform? ATTOM has built a powerful lead generation platform in its consumer- facing property RealtyTrac. RealtyTrac has highly actionable information that homebuyers and investors rely on to make informed decisions about opportunities in the markets they want to purchase in. ATTOM did the incredibly difficult work of combing and normalizing a massively fractured data landscape in the real estate industry. When you have millions of agents, millions of home sales and 40,000 zip codes in the US, it is a nearly herculean task to deliver all of that information in a consumer- friendly and accurate way. ATTOM has

data as a core part of its DNA, just like Opcity. ATTOM’s data fuels RealtyTrac and in turn, the leads generated there fuel our business. It’s been a great partnership and we continue to look for ways to leverage more of ATTOM’s robust data sets and analysis. 7. Why did Opcity choose ATTOM as a vendor/partner? We put RealtyTrac and ATTOM through a really rigorous lead testing process, as we do for all lead partners. The leads we invest in have to convert into real closings and though we started small, we now capture every possible lead we can from RealtyTrac because the leads work within our ecosystem and result in closings. Ultimately, our vendors are held to an incredibly high standard and ATTOM proved that it can deliver. 8. How is the marketplace responding to Opcity’s offering? In less than three years, we went from an idea to a $210 million exit. We now have over 5,000 brokerages, 50,000 agents and will do 20,000+ closings this year. We are currently seeing a 3- to 5-x close rate from online leads

compared to the industry average. We have also expanded into mortgage and title with thousands of loan officers and title representatives receiving value from those products. We actively pull in leads from hundreds of different funnels and that proves our model can support nearly any quality lead in the marketplace. One of the things we are most proud of is our recent survey of our broker customers who rated us a +20 on our net promoter score (NPS). While a little below Starbucks and Amazon, we ranked higher than Netflix and Modelo Beer. It’s tough to beat beer and movies, and while we are proud, we still have work to do. Most importantly we are consistently rated one of the top large companies to work for in Austin, and were just named a 2018 Top Workplace by the Austin American Statesman. We ask a lot from our team, and they see what we are doing and choose to invest in that success every day. Everyone from the consumer, agent, broker and our team is proving that our idea translated into real results for the industry. I am proud to be a part of that.


Ben has extensive experience in online marketing and building large inside sales teams. As a founder of Yodle, he grew the company to over 1,500 employees and 55,000 small business customers, resulting in a $342 million exit. Ben has been recognized by INC 30 under 30 & Empact 100, and is proud of leading Yodle to be named “Best Place to Work” in Austin, Scottsdale, New York and Charlotte.



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