Arts & Humanities: Don't Leave College Without Them

legacy through music and appreciate the power the arts have to connect people, near or far. Even if people do not speak the same verbal language, music is some- thing that is understood everywhere. I am not saying that the arts and humani- ties are of greater value than the sciences. I am saying they are the other half to an education. You can painlessly combine both subjects, with one informing and expanding on the other. Take a History of Physics course, for instance: it allows you to gain a basic understanding of the de- velopment and existence of formulas that you use on a daily basis. Another world is waiting to be discovered which can con- textualize so much that can be learned. The world can only continue to survive and prosper if we know how to talk to one another and collaborate on ideas. The arts and humanities provide that bridge, despite the fear and misconception that stops many before they take the leap into the unknown “grey area.”

a case to come to a just decision over the bro- ken law. Or rather, do you enjoy watching TV shows, such as The Office or Friends? I know I do, and the creators behind those witty shows hold degrees and pursue a livelihood in the arts and humanities. Many think arts and humanities degrees lead to dead ends or unsuccessful artists who think they are the next great hit. Yet, the most com- mon of professions have an arts and humani- ties foundation. For instance, any advertise- ment editor or worker is using art skills every day, creating or editing ads to promote prod- ucts or events. Or, take the public relations manager at an office firm who need to know the art of explanation and communication. Without the skills that the arts and humanities provide us with, the most basic of jobs would not be possible.

The arts and humanities help see yourself in context “

I’m Majoring in Spanish Before Attending Med School

Personally, I love math and sciences, but where I have found the greatest challenges have been in my arts and humanities classes. Taking Span- ish has changed my life for the better and given me skills that I did not know could be learned. I was introduced into a whole new community that embraced me with open arms. That’s why I ammajoring in Spanish before attending Medi- cal School. Likewise, music has always been in my life and taught me how to listen to others and understand how two distinct melodies, or more generally, two opposing ideas, can come together to make something beautiful. When I was nine years old, my great grandmother introduced me to the piano and began show- ing me her favorite songs. Today, I carry on her


Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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