Arts & Humanities: Don't Leave College Without Them

As the CEO of an education company, understanding people is crucial to my job. As I designed PenPal Schools, I’ve spoken with thousands of teachers, students, and administrators to learn about their daily needs. My background in the humani- ties helps me gather meaningful input and synthesize these many perspectives into a coherent design. The communication skills that I gained through my humanities education also helps me to build strong relationships with customers, employees, partners, investors, and other people who help to make PenPal Schools successful.

joe troyen

~ Joe Troyen


PenPal Schools connects over a quarter million students from 150 countries to learn together. Students collaborate through online projects ranging from human rights and the environment to fake news and robotics, all while practicing literacy, technology and social-emotional skills. PenPal Schools was recognized by President Obama and selected by Common Sense Education for the Best Edtech of 2017. Learn more at and with this short video: How PenPal Schools Works.


Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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