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Caochong Zeng majored in Asian Studies and Political Studies. He is currently a graduate student at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, where he studies the regional economy the regional economy of Asia and international business. He plans to build a career in business and financial risk management.

Learning foreign languages has always been on my priority list, because I need an efficient way to interact with the world beyond my mother tongue. I believe that the free exchange of ideas in any form is the foundation of communities, industries, and civi- lizations. One of the greatest barriers between us as potential contributors to the society and the actual progress we could col- lectively make is the inadequate communications among people from different regions due to the lack of foreign language knowl - edge. Such a pressing issue is universal among almost every sin- gle industry ranging from international development to technol- ogy innovation. That’s why, no matter which major or careers students are passionate about, language learning is fundamental to their future success. Their aspiration for changing the world with their own hands will be considerably facilitated by their ability to freely talk to the world. “

lauren blodgett IMMIGRATION LAWYER

Lauren Blodgett gained a degree in Political Science and in German. She is a notable immigration lawyer from New York who fights everyday for social justice. Her pro-bono work revolves around as - sisting unaccompanied minors who crossed the border fleeing violence. This work is, in part, for the Safe Passage Project, a charity specifically targeted towards helping children with no support system through the immigration process. Lauren specifically, however, has taken a particular interest in the lives of many of the young girls she has helped, setting up a support group known as Las Mariposas, essentially allowing those kids to be kids for a time without the uncertainty of the legal process hanging over their heads. She has further extended this into founding her own not-for-profit known as the Brave House, which then helps these girls find a home and somewhat assimilate into American life. One can see that she is very committed to helping these girls every step of the way, from entering the country to actually living here. Her legal work and activism works towards the social justice cause of helping illegal immigrants in America. For further reading, see: “30 under 30, Class of ‘18: Lauren Blodgett, Immigration Lawyer”:

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Don’t Leave College Without Them


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