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by Jennifer Duran


If your interest for Latin America runs deep, this is definitely the job for you. As a US Ambassador, you can be assigned to any country in the world, but as a Latin American Studies major, South America and the Caribbeans seems like the best choice! As a US Ambassador of Latin America, you are the primary representative of US interest in another country. Although it might seem like this task involves a lot of politics, your Latin American studies degree has given you a broad scope on the culture, history, and values of a variety of countries in the continent. Being an Ambassador gives you the opportunity to integrate yourself into another country while also keeping the connection with the US and knowing that you represent the values of your country abroad.




If youarecurious and inquisitiveabout international news, this career is worth checking out! As a foreign correspondent, you are responsible for gathering the news and being able to objectively report on the occurrences. This job allows you to travel around the world, and if you have a passion for Latin America, this could be your area of specialization. This job gives you the freedom to explore your areas of interest pertaining to your major, while also giving you a first glance at live in other countries.

Although you will need some additional years of schooling in law school, an immigration lawyer can be a great career for this major. During your years in college, you have been taught about the economic, social, and po- litical aspects of Latin American countries. This will inherently give you an advantage in understanding the most important aspect of being an immigration lawyers; the people it serves. (Learn more at

If your interest revolves around the trading interactions between the US and Latin America, an import/export specialist might be the calling for you. Your main duty would involve coordinator export and imports among countries and making sure shipments get received and ship properly. Most importantly, when dealing with trading policies, you would be a key player in advising about the impacts certainpoliciescanhaveonthetradingindustry.


Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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