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An Africana Studies degree is incredibly powerful if you are interested in practicing law. To do so, you’d need a J.D. in Law, but then you could work at non-profit or public interest agencies, government agencies, corporate legal departments, you could also work as a district attorney, Yes, a career in law gives you the option to work in corporate law, civil law, and public interest law.

As Director of Multicultural Affairs you’d have the opportunity to develop programs and build support systems at colleges and universities or at businesses and organizations. At universities, for example, you would design strategies to increase the recruitment, retention, graduation rates, and support for under-represented students. You would provide leadership in the coordination, development and implementation of curricular programs This person often reports directly to the college president and provides long-term strategic planning as well as fostering key relationships and providing resources and support to the entire university community.

Do you enjoy writing? With an Africana Studies degree you can write about Blacks, you can write about the history and current affairs about underrepresented groups. You can go into the field of journalism, you can freelance, edit, copywrite, or conduct research and analysis for newspapers, magazines, broadcast media companies, trade, professional or consumer publications, advertising agencies, publishing houses, corporations, or you can develop your own brand through travel writing or blog writing. Journalist writing skills can also be applied successfully to non-profit agencies or the business industry in which storytelling is becoming the #1 skill to learn.

Any company that values diversity will jump at the chance to hire someone with an Africana Studies degree. With this background, you can get jobs in public and private corporations such as as hotels and restaurants, retail stores, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions, consulting firms, marketing companies, public relations agencies, staffing agencies, among many others. To move into this industry, it helps wo gain business experience through internships or summer jobs, , demonstrate communication skills, interpersonal and teamwork skills,


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Don’t Leave College Without Them


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