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GIGS with women and gender studies

by Jennifer Duran




Many religious studies major also thrive in social work. This career gives you the opportunity to work with others and help them overcome personal challenges that impact their day-to-day. These challenges can ranges from drug addiction to child custody arrangements among many other. Your major has prepared you to understand a broad range of people, which gives you room to inspire and educate during such difficult situations. Although arduous at times, this job has a self- rewarding factor, where you are doing good for others that will help you feel better as a whole

We have already established that as a WGS major you have a boundless set of skills: from communication and analyzation to problem solving and critical think- ing. Being an Advertising Account Executive allows you to put all these skills into practice at once. Your main role would be to facilitate communication between your clients and an advertising company, in order to ensure that your client is overall satisfied with the service. This could involve constantly asking questions and overall understand the perspective of the clients. What is the mission of their firm? Why do they want to advertise this? Who is the audience? Although it may not seem so at first, your major has prepared you to help your cli - ent answer these questions and more. It all comes down to society and the people in them (gender roles), which you have spent an entire undergrad career exploring! This job also gives full range of being creative and get- ting a chance to be tech savvy in the process. Like all else, it will be a learning curve, but your degree in WGS will set the ideal foundation.

Women, Gender and Sexuality is an interdisciplinary area of study that encompasses a variety of specialties that you can apply to being a communications consultant. Communication consultants are responsible for developing training activities, communicating with clients, and creating proactive advertising campaigns, while also overviewing the success of each campaigns. As a WGS major you already have a basis for a communications career because you have read books and written papers in the roles men and women play in society. In addition to that you’ve also been able to analyze how they interact with each other, specifically in the workplace. Having this foundation allows you to put together inclusive program or training strategies that meet the need of the employees that sometimes big corporations do not see. Although you’d be consulting others on how to accomplish this, you’ll also be playing the role of an ally in terms of bridging the gap between big companies, their clients, and the employees. In addition, all those hours you spend reading books such as Bad Feminists or The Second Sex can come in handy in this position, as this job gives you a chance to advocate for women, or other minorities, in your workplace.


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