Arts & Humanities: Don't Leave College Without Them

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Data gathered by PayScale from the 2016–2017 academic year shows that people with bach- elor’s degrees in philosophy tend to earn more over their lifetime than people with degrees in any other humanities field. Philosophy students have both the highest starting salary of any hu- manities major ($44,700) and the highest per- cent increase between starting and mid-career salary ($84,100).

The National Association of Colleges and Em - ployers found for the graduating class of 2015 that, within six months, just over 78 percent of graduates with bachelor’s degrees in phi- losophy had either found employment or were continuing their education (28.6 percent). Grad- uates with a BA in philosophy had a mean start- ing salary of $43,427. Those graduating with a master’s degree in philosophy in 2015 fared even better, with over 85 percent finding em - ployment or continuing their education (47.8 percent) within six months of graduation. Their mean starting salary was over $75,500.

from The American Philosophical Society


Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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