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I graduated with an undergraduate de- gree in Visual Art and Mathematics. Right now, I am working for a software company in NYC as a UI/UX and Product Designer, helping improve the user experience and overall performance of digital software. Studying art and humanity enabled me to think profoundly about the relation- ship between human and technology. It helped me better integrate empathy into digital product development.

~ Haicheng Lin


Extract from T he Economic Times , Dec. 18, 2019, by Ayan Pramanik

The software company Infosys is hiring Liberal Arts majors. In fact 20-30% of its future work- force are Liberal Arts majors. Why? Because their technology solutions are built on user expe- riences, and, 'user experience is key to solving the business problems of clients and the skills needed for this are as much arts as they are science.' Their head of global services, data and analytics, Satish HC, explained their investment in more broad-based thinkers by stating that,

… to reimagine (solutions), you need design skills.

We are making some of those investments as a company in our workforce. You also need people from different backgrounds with design skills, people with liberal arts... not everybody needs to have an engineering or MBA background.

Analysts said Infosys’ approach was in line with the shifts in the industry.

‘When you are doing more business services, you have to cater to varied industries. That neces- sitates the need for diverse skill sets. It also shows the changing model of business,’ said Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief executive of Greyhound Research.

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Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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