Arts & Humanities: Don't Leave College Without Them


Christine Henseler is a professor of Spanish and His- panic Studies at Union College, in upstate NY. She also teaches classes on changemaking, innovation, global citizenship and sustainability, but what she loves most is supporting students in ways that make their profes- sional dreams come alive. ownmajor, or even just take courses in these fields. In fact, exploring new knowledge and learning across different disciplines is how you get more creative braincells to flow and how innovation happens. And if there's one thing we need in this post-COVID society, it's creative thinking and fact- driven science and engineering at work together. Professionals with backgrounds in the arts and humanities can be found leading change and in- novation at the intersection of almost any and all fields, from health and medicine to engineer - ing and environmental science. Similarly, the arts and humanities are emerging as some of the most needed fields in human history given that cultural knowledge and communication with our neigh- bors, as well as more ethical behavior and logical thinking are needed now more than ever before. I've been working on this project for five years, and I've been constantly inspired by my students whose voices are here to connect with you. I hope you find this guide helpful, and I hope you view it as a start to learn more about your options in life. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any questions or you want to share your own story: My e-mail is

Hi, I’m Christine, and that's my daughter, Leah in the photo with me (she makes me look good). I teach Spanish at Union College, but I spent my childhood drawing, making, and designing. In college I freelanced as a photographer and graphic designer. I even interned at a billboard company and saw my design up in bright lights. So thrilling! I al- ways thought I’d pursue a career in the arts, but everyone said: “How will you make a liv- ing?” I had no idea. So, I went into something “more stable,” into teaching Spanish litera- ture and language. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and I high- ly recommend going into teaching (it's in- cedibly fulfilling), but I’ve always wondered what I might have become had I actually known about the exciting career opportuni- ties in the arts. That’s why I had to create this guide. I don't want you not to follow your passions and talents because you think you can't get a job. In this guide you can see that there are hundreds of exciting, lucrative, and impact- ful jobs that you can get with a background in the arts and humanities. You can major, minor, double major, dual major, create your

What if we told you...

....that your professional opportunities will multiply exponentially with a back- ground in the arts and humanities? And that you can make good money while also pursuing a meaningful career? No kid- ding. There is nothing holding you back.

Yup, you decide

You decide where you want to go with a degree in the arts and humanities. Check out the career paths and advice from young professionals working in urban re- vitalization projects, building sustainable companies, creating new technologies, or activating change. They will tell you that you won’t want to leave college without a degree in the arts or humanities. Find out why.

...there is no box?

Seriously. You are not boxing yourself in when you earn a degree in literature or language, philosophy, art or drama. Because you can take your skills wher- ever you want to go. The Non-Profit sector? Entrepre - neurship? Medicine? You decide.

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