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My thesis explored the discourse and critical commentary surrounding various artists and investigative journalists working with virtual reality. The creative practices and works I studied grapple with our notion of the human condition from life and death, to violence and suffering; whether critiquing international and political conflicts, human rights, gender and sexuality, or humanity's impact on the environ- ment. The artists and groups I researched, en- gaged the participant to see and question their own relationship to these issues and a range of challenges facing the world today. Virtual re- ality is as much immersive as it is interactive, allowing for one’s consciousness to not just interpret the medium, but to be the medium. I had never thought of art history this way before. I found it fascinating, impactful, and a practice that had the power to change the way we experience our everyday. My thesis was my greatest accomplishment. It showed my knowledge on a given topic, my passion for the arts, and how far I had come from sitting in that highschool class trying to relay all of the crammed information verbatim. I have grown so much from that time, I have a sense of self-assurance and confidence in how I can conduct myself as a scholar. I have found my voice, and I have come to realize that my opinions matter. Art history did that for me.

In highschool it is easy to get wrapped up in the minutiae of things. Even if your classes are un - inspiring at the moment, they are providing you with the skills to be able to become a well-versed student with strong decision making skills, wher- ever you find your passion. Read books and arti - cles that may be different from the books and ar - ticles you see yourself reading in the future. If you are a ‘science person’, pick up an art magazine or a fiction novel. If you are an avid lover of the hu - manities and the arts, look to read about a theory of math that has puzzled people for centuries. There is so much information at our fingertips. Branch out of your comfort zone, experiment with different fields of study. Become an interdiscipli - nary and well-rounded student, always searching to learn something outside of your interests, if you have a passion, or not. One day, you may read something or watch a doc- umentary that changes the way you think about the world, or question something you took as fact. It will be this day that you find a certain kind of purpose, a purpose only discoverable through cu- riosity, exploration, and experience.


When Winston Frazer, Austin Peppel, and Andrew Copeland started their degrees in art and design, they never thought they would revolutionize the prosthetics industry.

Danae creates customizable 3D printed prosthetics that make a fashion statement. Amputees can personalise their prosthetics in ways that display their personality and character. “We believe that 3D printing technology is the vehicle that will allow humanity to break free from it.”


Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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