Arts & Humanities: Don't Leave College Without Them

Have you ever wondered what fields and disciplines actually fall under the category of the Arts and Humanities? Then check out this section, and you take a deeper dive into the fields of art, design, and art history. ARTS & HUMANITIES 101 1

Stuff You Might Be Curious About 18/ Majors in, and with, the Arts and Humanities 20/ What Does the Term “Humanities” Even Mean? 22/ The Arts & Humanities. The Liberal Arts. What's the Difference? 24/ How Do You Measure the Value of the Humani- ties? 58/ Creative Entrepreneurs Information about Majors 37/ What Can You Do with a Major in Art and Design? 38/ Why Take a Studio Art Course in College? by Laini Nemmett

Portraits of Young Professionals 42/ Jane Kim - Painter, Science illustrator and Founder of Dwell Studio 43/ Anna Lindemann - An “Evo Devo Artist” 44/ Ryan Jude Novelline - Fashion Designer 54/ David Gurman, Data Artist and Entrepreneur 60/ Joe Gabbia Jr - Designer and Co-Founder of Airbnb 61/ Jae Rhim Lee - CEO of Coeio, The Infinity Burial Suit 77/ Danae Prosthetics GIGS - What Do You Do In These Jobs? 62/ GIGS with the Arts 82/ GIGS with Art History Interviews, Facts, and Other Odds & Ends 41/ The Future is in Sustainable Design 52/ Design What? 57/ "Infosys to Hire More with Liberal Arts, Design Skills" 73/ Think Museum Studies is Boring? Take a Look at These 78/ Student Interview: Karlee Bergendorff, B.A. in

50/ Cops and Docs. What Do You See? 68/ What Can Art History Class Teach Me?

Essays by Students & Alums 26/ What Are You Going To Do With That? by Kath- leen Sinatra 28/ Letter to the Infuriating Part of My Brain that Keeps Asking Why I’m Taking Humanities Classes Instead of Making Progress in Lab, by Charlotte Mineo 32/ Dear Asian Youth, by Seng Duong 46/ Arts and Economics: The Tints, The Shades, and the Values, by Abira Naeem 64/ Who Needs Art? by Leah Henseler 74/ Not Your Mother’s Art History: How Virtual Reality Transformed My Life and Career, by Sophia Gebara

Art History and Political Science 81/ Fun Facts about Famous Artists


Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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