Arts & Humanities: Don't Leave College Without Them





If you think you can't make any money in the Arts and Humanities, take a look at this chapter. Here are some essays and other materials that might answer some of your questions. You will also find some sepecific material on the fields of English, Music, Theatre & Dance.

One of the most valuable skills today is to become a global thinker, a big picture thinker with a deep understanding of the many unbelievably interesting cultures that make up our world. This section gives you information about fields like Foreign Languages, Religious Studies, Africana Studies, Women & Gender Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, History.

Portraits of Young Professionals 137/ Ryan Holladay - Multimedia Artist, Composer, Speaker 142/ Yoko Sen - Electronic Musician and Sound Alche - mist. Founder of Sen Sound 144/ Xiuhtezcatl Martinez - Earth Guardians Youth Director 150/ Malika Whitley - Chopart - Art for Homeless Minors 151/ Jennifer Nicols - The Complete Dance Workout for Athletes 157/ Adam Driver - Arts for the Armed Forces 164/ Aaron Marquise - Circus Performer GIGS - What Do You Do In These Jobs? 114/ GIGS with English 132/ GIGS with Music 154/ GIGS with Dance and Theatre Interviews, Facts, and Other Odds & Ends 122/ Data, Contextualize: Soft Skills Sought After by Employers 123/ "The World’s Top Economists Just Made the Case for Why We Still Need English Majors", The Washington Post, 2019 152/ A Conversation with Dancer Laurie Zabele Cawley 156 / Danielle Iwata - About her Jobs in Dance 166/ Student Interview: Talking to My Mom, Dad, and Friends, by Kathryn Cawley 170/ Arts & Humanities for the Twenty-first Century Workplace

Stuff You Might Be Curious About 88/ Money Matters. Can I Make Enough Money? 112/ Why Does Climate Change Needs English Majors? 126/ Why Take a Shakespeare Class? by Jim Knapp INFORMATION ABOUT MAJORS 107/ What Can You Do with An English Major? 117/ What Does Success Look Like With English? 130/ What Can You Do with a Major in Music? 134/ What Do You Learn Musicking? by Jennifer Miloto Matsue 148/ What Can You Do with a Degree in Theatre and Dance? Essays by Students & Alums 92/ Why I Study the Humanities and Why Finding a Job Doesn’t Scare Me, by Amelia L. Poole 95/ Everything Is Falling Into Place , by Madeline Schaeffer 96/ How the Humanities Are Redefining the Future of Work , by Julia Hotz 108/ Building a Career with an English Career, by Liz Hurley 118/ Help! There’s a Poem Inside My Head: The Art of Being Creative, by Dipti Anand 124/ I Was Going to Become a Doctor, by Sonja Erchak 138/ Music in Education: What’s It’s Importance? by Olivia Brand 143/ Music for Life: Exploring Dementia Through Art and Science, by Lilith Haig 146/ Why I Chose a Career in Music, by Nicole Peters 158/ The Power of Dance , by Haylee Snow

Stuff You Might Be Curious About 222/ What Does Success Look Like with Africana Studies? 225/ What Can You Do With Women and Gender Studies? 232/ How Philosophy Expands How You Think 249/ What Can You Do with History? 240/ What does Success Look like in Pilosophy? 244/ What does Success Look like with a Classics Degree? INFORMATION ABOUT MAJORS 186/ Why Study Religion? by Scott Muir 190/ What Can You Do with Foreign Languages? 210/ What Can You Do with Latin American and Caribeean Studies? 212/ Why Take Classes in Latin American and Caribbean Stud- ies, by Guillermina Seri 218/ What Can You Do With Africana Studies? 228/ What Do You Learn in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies , by JillMarie Murphy 231/ What Can You Do with Philosophy? Essays by Students & Alums 176/ International Relations: Knowledge Without Boundaries, by Ramsha Qaisar 193/ Research, Internship, and Travel: Opportunities Through Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture , by Bridgit Sullivan 196/ What Language Learning Has to Offer , by Crystal Flax 198/ An Inaudible Language , by Hannah Weeks 242/ Classics and Philosophy: Tools for Learning and Thinking About Anything I Could Have Ever Possibly Wanted to Do , by MaryGrace Wajda 179/ Connecting Through Portals, by Amar Bakshi

Portraits of Young Professionals 178/ Amar Bakshi - Artist and Founder of Shared Studios and Portals 206/ Joe Troyen - PenPal Schools 209/ Lauren Blodgett - Immigration Lawyer 253/ Jenny Gottstein - IDEO, Experience Designer GIGS - What Do You Do In These Jobs? 184/ GIGS with Religious Studies 216/ GIGS with Latin American and Caribbean Studies 220/ GIGS with Africana Studies 226/ GIGS with Women & Gender Studies 236/ GIGS with Philosophy 250/ GIGS with History Interviews, Facts, and Other Odds & Ends 205/ Data Contextualized: Demand for Foreign Lan- guages 208/ Caochong Zeng - Major in Asian Studies and Politi- cal Studies 202/ Student Interview: Kelsey Sanders, double major in German and Psychology, by Corinne Jean-Gilles 234/ Portraits Philosohy 238/ Data Point from the American Philosophical Society 246/ Student Interview: Jenna Corocran, Degree in Clas- sics, by MaryGrace Wajda


Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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