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GIGS with Music

by Jennifer Duran





If you have an inclination for listening to new music, always seeking out the next best artist, and have an ever-changing taste in music, then this is the job for you! As a radio station Music Director, you choose the songs for airplay. New artists are constantly trying to get their music played on the station for the sake of exposure and gaining a fan base. You will be able to filter through all the music options and give talented artists the chance to play on the radio. As a music major, you already have a base of knowledge and love for music — which is immensely helpful when your job will consist of listening to music and sharing it with the world. However, if your love for music is reserved for certain genres, no worries! Radio stations serve a variety of music tastes, so you’ll be able to find the one that suits you.

If you like the connection between the music and the artist, this is the job for you! As a Record Pro- ducer, you get to work with the musician as well as the beats and flows of productions in order to make music. Your day to day would consist of advising preproduction and coordinating in-stu- dio recording and production. Your music back- ground, will add creative thinking, collaboration, and time management. This position gives you the space to make a range of music while working with others’ talents. Additionally, all that studio time or rehearsals you spent outside of the class- room will immensely help your time management skill for this career.

Music comes with a variety of components, for that reason, it takes a team to be able to compile the very concerts and entertainment shows we typically enjoy. This job allows you to be part of the team that makes all the magic happen. From set up to take down, you get to travel across the world with musicians getting a chance to be behind the scenes with your favorite artists. It inevitably allows you to learn from so many areas in the music industry while also honing in on your own personal skills.

If you love music but also have a passion for looking at the business aspect of the industry, this could be the ideal job for you. As an A&R Administrator, you are in charge of securing song rights, master tracks and digital signaling process. It allows you to not only be involved in the music aspect, but also in the behind the scenes aspect that goes into bringing these records to life.


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