Arts & Humanities: Don't Leave College Without Them




Gaining expertise in more than one field will give you an edge in the job market, and it will help you develop the toolkit to adapt to our changing and very complex world from multiple perspec- tives. That’s why the material in this section is all about learning across fields and disciplines.

Ultimately, it all boils down to one thing: finding your purpose. You want to learn about the arts or humanities? Wonderful. You don't? That's great too. Just make sure you make that decision for yourself and because you are informed about what the arts and humanities are, what they can teach you, and what they can add to your professional paths. And just promise me one thing: stay true to yourself, and be proud of what you do.

297/ Why Should Students Going Into Medicine Study the Humanities? by Ajay Major 299/ How I Learned that the Humanities Can Benefit My Pursuit of a Career in Medicine , by Kartik Nath 302/ The Long Lost Variable: Humanities’ Impact on Engineering, by Nate Boulé 306/ A Flying Dinosaur: Stories that Make Meaning , by Shea Delahaunty 311/ But, I Like Math! by Sasha Currie 314/ Biology and Philosophy: How Our Culture Shapes Our Knowledge , by Lily Marks Portraits of Young Professionals 285/ Caveat - Where Nightlife Meets the Arts and Sciences 286/ Riley Knox - CEO & Founder of Accelerate 3D 309/ Adam Braun - Founder Pencils of Promise Interviews, Facts, and Other Odds & Ends 293/ Social Impact of the Arts (American Academy of the Arts) 319/ Libby & Art Twitter feed

Stuff You Might Be Curious About 259/ The Liberal Arts: Cross-Training for the Brain , by Sharon Liu 260/ To Double Major, or Not to Double Major. That is the Question 274/ Sampling of Classes that Cross Disciplines, by Frank Mac Kenzie 290/ Why Do We Need the Humanities in the Age of the Algorithm? 294/ How Entrepreneurs Can Flex Their Minds 295/ Why Every Business Major Should Have a Back - ground in English Essays by Students & Alums 262/ My Journey to the Digital Humanities: The Story of a Double Major, by Helen Foley 268/ Labs and Literature: A New Way Forward , by Bianca Yeung 266/ Why I wIll Pursue Both: I’m Passionate about Ma- rine Science and Sculpture , by Leah Henseler 276/ Hooked on Environmental Science, by Kayla Quar- less 281/ ntersection of English and Biology, by Katie Gu 282/ The Role of Music and Sound in Audio Engineering by Semsonga Andrew Mukasa 288 / Creative Computers: What the Overlap of Program- ming and Poetry Teaches us About Creativity , by Lily Marks

342/ A Letter to Future Generations, by Charlynne Cather

Stuff You Might Be Curious About 336/ Crucial Info Every Student Should Know About College 332/ Yes, All the World is Our Stage 334/ What Do You Do When the Future is Hanging in the Balance? Essays by Students & Alums 330 / The Courses You Dismiss are the Ones I Ex- plore , by Leo Cavedagne 324/ To Be Seven , by Megan Lepore 326/ Money over Meaning: Tech in Winning Money, But Not Hearts, by Bailey Reutzel

Interviews, Facts, and Other Odds & Ends 344/ We Helped Create this Guide 346/ What Are You Going to Do with That? Pod- cast by the National Humanities Alliance 348/ Giving Thanks


Arts & Humanities

Don’t Leave College Without Them


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