Who Wants To Walk Again Without Pain?

A Simple Solution

An easy way to relieve knee pain is to actually ensure that normal kneecap motion is restored. Our physical therapy experts evaluate the true cause of your knee pain, treat the movement problem and restore the normal strength around the knee. We have years of training to analyze the movement of your body and pinpoint the source of your problem. This allows for accurate treatment without the need for elaborate and expensive testing. Ultimately, your knee pain will be relieved quickly and your ability to walk, run and squat restored! In addition, we work closely with your physician and if you have had surgery, help you have a fast recovery.

Call us today to learn more about being pain free.


Now is the time for resolutions What will be your resolutions in 2017? Here are a couple ideas to get you started...

1. Be purposeful in everything you do. Strive for purpose in your daily activities. 2. Resolve not to be mediocre, even in how you eat. If you need help eating in a way that will benefit your health in the long run contact us and we can provide a plan that is right for you.

3. Schedule exercise and stretching. It can be difficult to schedule exercise unless time is pre-committed. If you need help with exercise or if you have pain that is holding you back, contact us at iMotion Physical Therapy and we can help you meet this resolution. What are the things you want to resolve to do or not do in 2017? Write them down!

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