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Spain — account for almost 60 percent of the total, with Russia and Poland now“knocking on the door.” Only two countries in the broader European market – UK and Turkey – evidenced any market decline in 2018 over prior year. The industry profile, he showed, exhibits a remark- able shift in end-use markets over 2017, with only pharmaceuticals, personal care, and household chem- icals exceeding growth rates of the prior year. While 2017 was the year of “non-prime” (variable informa- tion) growth, 2018 showed stronger performance of the “prime” labeling sectors. Converters surveyed in FINAT’s research projected that their purchases of conventional analog presses would outnumber those of digital presses in 2019 and 2020. In the sustainability arena, recycling of all spent re- lease liner is now actioned by around 1/5 of label con- verters surveyed, with a further 11 percent recycling some, and a further 33 percent engaged in planning a system setup in the next year.With short-run digital print and the current focus on innovative decoration aspects, the label market’s prospects are still promis- ing, Lejeune noted. Enjoying A Majority Corey Reardon, President and CEO of AlexanderWat- son Associates, analyzed the broader global labeling and product decoration market. By technology, he said self-adhesive labels still enjoy the majority share, at 40 percent,with glue- applied labels in second place at 35 percent. Sleeve labeling technologies are now in third place at 19 percent. While self-adhesive labels continued to grow by more than 5 percent in 2018, thanks to their flexibility, variety, and efficiency, sleeve labeling grew faster, and in-mold labeling also grew at above 4 percent. Indus- trial/variable information print label applications still represent the majority end-use shareholding, at 45 per- cent, but primary product labels are now just 1 per- cent behind them in terms of global volumes. Asia is the largest regional market — and also the fastest-growing for all labeling formats — but the label market enjoyed growth globally in 2018 at more than 4 percent. Reardon’s analysis spanned digital packag- ing and label print, direct-to-container print, merger and acquisition activity and industry consolidation and the industry’s recyclability issues which, he said, are“not just a problem for pressure sensitive technolo- gy” in terms of release liner and matrix waste, but also for shrink films in sleeving applications.

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