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The City’s Fraud Hotline is Available 24/7 BKD Integra Report operates an anonymous

December 3 Arts Commission Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 6pm 3 Park Board Mtg. ‐ Civic Ctr. 6:30 pm 5 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 7 pm 6 Historical FoundaƟon Mtg. ‐ 6 pm 6 KDB Mtg. Civic Ctr. ‐ 6:30 pm 6 Library Board Mtg. Library ‐ 7 pm 11 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐City Hall ‐7 pm 18 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 7 pm 17 DEDC Board Mtg. ‐ City Hall 9 am 24 City offices closed ‐ Christmas Eve 25 City offices closed ‐ Christmas Day 25 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐ Canceled 28 4th Friday Concert‐ Corner Theatre 8pm January 1 City offices closed ‐ New Year’s Day 3 Library Board Mtg. Library ‐ 7 pm 3 KDB Mtg. Civic Ctr. ‐ 6:30 pm 3 Historical FoundaƟon Mtg.– 6 pm 7 Arts Commission Mtg. Civic Ctr. 6pm 7 Park Board Mtg. ‐ Civic Ctr. 6:30 pm 15 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall 7 pm 19 DeSoto Dining & Dialogue Dinner 21 MLK Holiday ‐ City Offices Closed 22 Planning & Zoning Mtg.‐ City Hall ‐7 pm 26 4th Friday Concert Corner Theatre 7pm 28 DEDC Board Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 9 am 29 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 7 pm No person shall place, construct or erect any temporary or permanent object or structure within, upon, along, or across any public street, alley, right‐of‐way or any public easement in the city, including the land located between the property line of a lot, tract or parcel and the adjacent curb, and if no curb exist, then to a line ten feet (10') from the edge of the street pavement toward the property line, without the consent of the city unless otherwise allowed by law. The City of DeSoto ordinance referenced above requires that obstrucƟons such as PODs or temporary or portable storage buildings should not be placed in city road way. If you would like more informaƟon or would like to report a code violaƟon, please call 469.658.3075. A Message from Code Enforcement… Code3.1101(c)

fraud hotline for the City of DeSoto. This hotline should be used to report suspected fraud, waste or abuse against the City which can take many forms, including:

 TheŌ or Forgery  Tampering with a government record  Securing execuƟon of document by decepƟon  Conversion of funds  Abuse of office capacity  GiŌ to public servant by a person subject to his or her jurisdicƟon  Breach of computer security  Bribery

Members of the public, City employees, contractors, and service providers are encouraged, when aware of a situaƟon, to report suspicious acƟviƟes or fraudulent acts against the City to the Fraud Hotline at 855.858.3344. More informaƟon on the fraud hotline including an informaƟonal video is available on the City website at THREE‐PEAT FOR DESOTO: CITY WINS 3 RD STRAIGHT DIGITAL CITIES AWARD (cont. from page one) Other highlights from DeSoto’s 2018 digital accomplishments submiƩed to Digital CiƟes included a regional emergency management plan and training, enhanced city cybersecurity, WiFi in the parks, expanded use of smart technology, and improved visibility and transparency in our City Council chambers by use of extra‐large screens. Mayor McCowan noted that DeSoto’s neighboring city of Dallas also came up a winner in the survey, but wasn’t ranked as high in their category as DeSoto was in theirs. This elicited a good‐natured observaƟon from the Mayor who commented, “We are oŌen overshadowed by the big city to our North, but Dallas came in 10th in their populaƟon category and DeSoto came in 4th in ours. So while congrats go out to our good friend and neighbor, when it comes to government making excellent use of ‘digital’ technology, DeSoto is really the ‘Big D’ in our region.” The Digital CiƟes Survey is now in its 18th year and issues awards annually to the top ten ciƟes in mulƟple populaƟon categories for use of technology to tackle social challenges, enhance cybersecurity, improve transparency and much more. “This year’s Digital CiƟes Survey winners are leading the naƟon when it comes to leveraging data to improve a wide range of city services and iniƟaƟves,” said Teri Takai, execuƟve director of the Center for Digital Government. “Thanks to the efforts of these innovaƟve ciƟes, ciƟzens now benefit from enhanced services as well as improved transparency and privacy protecƟon efforts. CongratulaƟons to the winners!” The Center for Digital Government is a naƟonal research and advisory insƟtute on informaƟon technology policies and best pracƟces in state and local government. It is also a division of e.Republic, the naƟon’s only media and research company focused exclusively on state and local government and educaƟon.


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