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City Launches Free Online Water Conservation Tool For Customers

Holiday Trash Schedule

The City of DeSoto Public UƟliƟes Department will soon launch a new water conservaƟon and budgeƟng tool for customers. AquaHawk AlerƟng is a free customers to see their water usage and an esƟmate of their bill anyƟme during the billing cycle. AŌer registering and providing up‐to‐date contact online Web portal that enables DeSoto water

Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day are three of the five holidays observed by the City of DeSoto's solid waste contractor, Republic Waste. There will be no trash service on these holidays. On a holiday, regular service shiŌs one day. For example there will be no trash service on Thursday, November 22nd. Regular Thursday service moves to Friday that week and the Friday collecƟon will be made on Saturday. The regular schedule resumes on Monday, November 26th. In observance of the Christmas Holiday there will be no solid waste service on Tuesday, December 25th. Regular Tuesday trash will be collected on Wednesday, December 26th, recycling moves to Thursday, December 27th, Thursday’s trash service shiŌs to Friday and Friday’s trash will be picked up on Saturday, December 29th. Similarly, there will be no trash service on Tuesday January 1st in observance of New Year’s Day moving regular Tuesday collecƟons to Wednesday, January 2nd. Recycling will shiŌ to January 3rd and Thursday solid waste service moves to Friday, January 4th that week. Regular Friday collecƟons will be made on Saturday

spent, and view a projected end‐of‐ period bill amount.”

informaƟon, customers may opt to receive a text message, e‐mail, or phone call alert if their consumpƟon indicates a potenƟal leak or abnormal usage. This tool will be available to customers whose water meters have been replaced over the past four years. As the department conƟnues to replace meters annually, more customers will have access to detailed consumpƟon data. AquaHawk helps customers save money and more efficiently manage water usage, by encouraging customers to set thresholds for usage (e.g., 5,000 gals.) or dollar amounts ($150). If the consumpƟon or bill is trending to exceed, or surpasses the threshold, AquaHawk will send an automaƟc alert which will allow the customer to modify usage or check for a possible leak. “Our goal is to offer a beƩer customer experience and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the Public UƟliƟes Department is working towards early idenƟficaƟon and noƟficaƟon of potenƟal water usage problems,” commented Isom Cameron, Public UƟliƟes Director. “Customers will not be surprised by expensive and unexpected water bills since they can login anyƟme, see an esƟmate of what they’ve already

The new web portal will provide our customers the informaƟon they need to use water more efficiently, save money, and prevent the property damage that can result when leaks run undetected. Customers with mulƟple water accounts will have the ability to access all of their water accounts with a single user name and password. Customers can also provide access to other parƟes ‐ property managers, caretakers, landscaping companies, etc. – who might benefit from the informaƟon or want to receive alerts as well. When water customers are traveling, AquaHawk enables users to monitor unauthorized water use in their homes. ConsumpƟon, rainfall, and temperature data are displayed in easy ‐to‐understand graphs that help pinpoint when an account may be using water inefficiently, such as watering landscape during or shortly aŌer a rain event. The AquaHawk registraƟon page will be available on homepage of the City of DeSoto website mid‐January, 2019. For more informaƟon, please call 972.230.9627.

January 5th and the normal cycle resumes on Monday, January 7th.

If you'd like to receive reminders about changes in our trash service, download the free Recycle Coach app from the app store.


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