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December, 2018

DeSoto City Lights

A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department

The influenƟal Center for Digital Government (CDG) announced recently that the City of DeSoto (Texas) has been awarded the coveted Digital CiƟes Survey Award for the third consecuƟve year, moving up on the naƟonal top ten list from 6th to 4th place among all US ciƟes with populaƟons of up to 75,000. Only ten ciƟes across the naƟon in each populaƟon category receive this award, which is earned by demonstraƟng the successful use of technology to facilitate ciƟzen interacƟon, enhance service delivery, and increase transparency. “I am incredibly proud to see that DeSoto’s ongoing efforts to use the newest technology to connect with our residents and enhance our service delivery have put us even closer to the top of all US ciƟes recognized for providing the best in service,” said DeSoto Mayor CurƟstene McCowan. “In addiƟon to recognizing the effecƟveness of our customer service, Digital CiƟes confirms that our efforts at transparency are not only working, but a model for other ciƟes.” In addiƟon to acknowledging that DeSoto’s sustained improvement in digital operaƟons advanced the city from 6 th to 4 th place in the top ten of American ciƟes up to 75,000 people, DeSoto was singled ‐out for digital achievements with customer service and service delivery, for online transparency efforts and for vastly increasing available technology to the users of our library system. THREE‐PEAT FOR DESOTO: CITY WINS 3 RD STRAIGHT DIGITAL CITIES AWARD Digital Efforts Now Ranked 4 th Among US Cities With Populations Up To 75,000

Specifically, here is what Digital CiƟes had to say about DeSoto’s 2018 recogniƟon

4th, CITY OF DESOTO, TEXAS (via “DeSoto, Texas, has a well‐established customer relaƟonship management program, GORequest from GOGovApps, and uses it to track issues in the community, create reports for city administraƟon and improve services for ciƟzens. AŌer an issue closes, the requestor is automaƟcally noƟfied via email and asked for feedback, which is used to improve service. This ciƟzen feedback is also used in reporƟng performance measures, to establish trends, to support budget purposes and in customer service training. The Dallas suburb of 52,870 residents prioriƟzes transparency. The city budget is published on the transparency website, as are reports and charts to help interpret the numbers, a searchable check register, a downloadable check register including payroll, debt transparency informaƟon, pension informaƟon, and investment policy and tax rates.

This year, the library extended its offerings of digital services programs aimed to aƩract ciƟzens and increase their involvement in technology. Patrons can check out a GoPro Hero5 camera kit and shoot sƟll photos or videos, then come and edit them at the Sound + Vision Digital CreaƟon MulƟmedia StaƟon; aƩend a 3‐D prinƟng class and then use the 3‐D printer; learn with the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) kit for Nintendo lab; use a virtual reality headset; or make an appointment for Tech Help, where they can get assistance on personal devices from experts.”

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