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Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Zap mold, mildew, dirt, and algae

High Tech Fabric Guard World's most powerful long-lasting fabric carpet protector. Lasts longer, up to 3 years. Repels grease, dirt, water oil based stains. Double-strength sunscreen for maximum fade protection - One 15.2 oz.

Tent & Camping Gear Cleaner

stains from virtually any boat surface. Safe to use on fabrics and colors. Also, it quickly removes stains from vinyl, plastics, wood, fiberglass, painted surfaces, sails, and accessories. One 12 oz. jar makes up to three gallons of solution. 420280 10900I Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, 12-Oz. $13.32

can treats up to 50 sq. ft. 423640 30616 16 Oz. Trigger Sprayer


For use on all tent fabrics, backpacks, sleeping bags, cots, beds, chairs, canvas covers, and tarps. May be used on vinyl, plastics, canvas, carpeting, and wood. Removes tough dirt, mold, mildew, algae stain, most food stains, drink stains, and blood-stains. It is color-safe, biodegradable. One 12 oz jar makes three gallons of solution. 420282 10915 Tent & Camping Gear Cleaner 12-Oz $13.32

Water Repellent Spray Protects fabric from water, soils, oils, bird droppings, and environmental pollutants. This formula is recommended for use on awnings, hunting fabrics, camping gear, leather, synthetics, and vinyl. The chemical compound is non-solvent, and non- silicone. One gallon covers up to 150 square feet. 420284 10916 Water Repellent 32-oz. Trigger Sprayer canopies, tents, patio furniture, cushions, umbrellas, spa covers, tarps, boat covers, bimini tops,

Aerospace Protectant

Quickly and easily restores a "like-new" color, luster and gloss. Beautifying liquid sunscreen lasts 4 to 10 times longer than other products. Regular use can reduce UV caused fading by up to 100%. Unlike

other protectants, 303 contains no silicone or petroleum distillates. Easy to apply. Just spray on and wipe dry. 303 is not greasy or oily and does not attract dust. Use on

Damprid Refillable Moisture

rubber, tires, fiberglass, plastic, and leather. 423339 30350 Aerospace Protectant 10 oz. 423350 30306 Aerospace Protectant, 32-Oz.




Odor Buster Odor Buster neutralizes and eliminates all types of odors permanently, without masking them or using fragrances to cover them up. Ideal for boats, campers, autos and home.

Calcium chlorite crystals absorb excess moisture from the air. Eliminates musty odors and prevents mold and mildew stains, resealable pouch. 420260 FG01K DampRid Room Freshener, 10.5-Oz. $5.67 420261 FG30K DampRid Refill 42-Oz. $7.71

Fiberglass Reconditioner

420285 10711 32-oz Spray Bottle


Mini Dehumidifier Compact moisture absorber

Met-All Aluminum Polish

reduces moisture which can lead to odors. Works to remove dampness from the air, helping to reduce mildew, mold and musty odors.

One Step - Restores color to faded fiberglass in one step. Removes oxidation and chalking, water-line, water spots, tars and oils, and leaves a brilliant protective coating that lasts for months. There is no need to wax over IOSSO. Because it does not contain silicone, it will not cause problems with refinishing at a later time. One 10 oz can will clean an 18 foot boat from the waterline up. 420278 10100 Fiberglass Reconditioner, 16 Oz $20.17

Fast, Easy to use. Simply apply and wipe off. Non-toxic. Non-abrasive. Non-flammable. Cleans, polishes, waxes and protects. 420200 TC-10 1-Lb Can $10.92

040032 44195 Mini Dehumidifier




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