“ If I ever end up competing in any type of rodeo event, it will be because of my horse, Kali. She loves working cows and will bend around a barrel without slowing down. A competitive spirit is definitely bred into her. ”

“ I’m happy to carry on the tradition of hunting in my family—just like my dad, grandpa and great-grandpa. Here, my dad and I are in New Zealand, which provided a once-in- a-lifetime bucket list-worthy hunting experience. ”

“ Agriculture provides more legs for communities to stand on besides just gross value and employment. We need to educate people on those, which is why I started the Facts from Farmers web and social media sites. ”

“ I’m so grateful for my experience in United Fresh’s Produce Industry Leadership Program (Class 24). It fueled my passion for leadership, inspiring me to pursue a Masters in Organizational Leadership. ”

“ I enjoy speaking with legislators and advocating for agriculture. People underestimate how important it is to build relationships with the ones elected to serve us. ”

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