Free Survey Results Report (A $2,500 value!) Participants will receive a free copy of the 2022 survey results for each module submitted. Exclusivity This is the only compensation survey specific to the California and Arizona specialty crop industry and available exclusively to Western Growers members. COMPENSATION & HR PRACTICES SURVEY The Data You Need to Help You Attract the Best Employees in Agriculture

At Western Growers, we remain committed to providing you with the assets that you need to maintain your operations and grow moving forward. As we continue our commitment to offering you exclusive resources and continuing education, we are proud to announce that our 2022 Compensation and HR Practices survey is open for participation. While we are focused on the current state of our global health and safety, we also strive to provide you with access to the valuable insights that the Compensation and HR Practices Survey provides. The survey includes analytics and pay data for 90 jobs vital to keeping compensation, human resource practices, and employee programs current and competitive. We’ve added a new feature to the HR Practices survey, collecting data on COVID-19 workforce measures. And most importantly, this type of survey data is unprecedented in our industry. The recruitment and retention of work-ready, strategic, and forward-thinking employees are of the utmost importance. The competition for the best of the best exists today. The survey will provide you with data to help you make informed business decisions in the areas of recruitment, retention, and employment- related budget, and plan a competitive total reward strategy.

Easy Completion Survey participation is fast and easy with efficient online or spreadsheet options that can be completed at your convenience. Field Worker Data The field worker jobs module of the Compensation Survey includes base pay, incentives, and piece rate earnings for 23 hourly and professional level jobs. The field worker section of the HR Practices survey reports data on H-2A visa programs, field housing, eligibility for fringe benefits, and special incentive programs. Participate Now for a chance to win a 13” Apple MacBook Air! All members who participate in the 2022 Western Growers Compensation and HR Practices Survey will be automatically entered to win a 13” Apple MacBook Air! At the close of the survey period one lucky winner will be chosen to receive this amazing laptop, courtesy of Western Growers!

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