Agtools provided University of Arizona Research Project and Fresh Produce Association of America the first phase of several datasets for a study on bell peppers and cucumbers to evaluate and understand market trends as they relate to competition between various domestic and international growing regions. Also, Agtools was invited to present public comments under the Federal Trade Commission Act on how supply chain issues are affecting competition in consumer goods markets with retailers, wholesalers, consumer goods suppliers and others. To read Agtools comments and recommendations for a worldwide USA leadership, visit www.agtechtools.com, go to section “Legislative.” The team is busy preparing a platform to deploy data services to farmers across the Americas, including the Caribbean, with the largest telecommunications provider in the hemisphere. Boost Biomes delivers resilient microbial solutions that offer more robust performance, last longer and prevent the spread of pathogens. Based on a proprietary technology to understand and leverage the interactions between soil microbes, Boost develops high performance microbiome products sourced from the native biodiversity of relevant natural environments. The company takes biologicals to the next level: ecology. Our first product is a biofungicide that prevents diseases like powdery mildew, downy mildew and botrytis, and will come to market late in 2022. To learn about grower trials for the 2022 season, please email trials@boostbiomes.com. Burro was recently recognized as a 2022 World Ag Expo “Top-10 New Product Winner.” Come visit us at Booth GS6, just South of the Farm Credit Dairy Center, or reach out to Sales@burro.ai to see how you can bring Burro to your field in 2022. As the 2021 season came to a close, Burro had 90 robots in table grape fields moving fruit 100-300 miles a day autonomously, six days a week. Instead of farmworkers walking several miles a day with a 250-pound wheelbarrow full of grapes in the heat, Burro allows workers to stand in the shade and pick/pack with a continuous flow of fruit out of the field. Burros are already transforming worker productivity with one Burro enabling six-plus people to harvest up to 48 percent more fruit per day for a less than two-month ROI. Burros feature a novel and patent-pending approach called Pop Up Autonomy, which means they work immediately out of the box by enabling everyone in a working environment to become an operator. They do not require a centralized control or installation of burdensome infrastructure. Instead, the robots use computer vision and AI to learn on the fly and to navigate autonomously from A to B while carrying various payloads. Ganaz will officially announce in mid-January its new added feature to its People Management Platform, the Ganaz MasterCard Payroll Card significantly reducing or eliminating costs associated with traditional payroll and paper paychecks in agriculture and food processing industries. GeoVisual continues to build easy to adopt, low-cost specialty crop measurement and scheduling tools that help make decisions to save money and time. Built on a company-confidential basis, without the need for expensive changes to the existing IT systems, their work integrates into the way each group likes to operate. Using experience from boots on the ground, combined with ongoing research with NASA, USDA and collaborations with YCEDA and WG, GeoVisual specialists focus on what the biggest problems or opportunities a company faces. The firm is funded by family and friends, and notes that a user will always own its own confidential data. Agriculture and food processing are among the last industries to move away from paying people with paper checks. Many workers are still unbanked, which makes it hard to implement 100 percent direct deposit. The cost of paper checks to workers and employers is staggering; industrywide, it adds up to more than $1 billion. “Given how slim margins can be for growers and how hard it is to attract and retain labor in agriculture, keeping that wealth in the pockets of growers and workers is critical,” said Hannah Freeman, Co-Founder and CEO at Ganaz.

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