January 2024 - Celebration Issue

JANUARY 26, 2024

8. Moo Yor Chiang Mai A mild and rubbery boiled pork sausage that is white in complexion, moo yor is a staple of the northern diet that features on many menus. Its versatile and salty taste means it can make for a fuss-free and easy appetiser after being deep-fried, while it can also be a great addition to any yum (spicy Thai salad) dish. 7.Nam Prik Noom Kab Moo (Green Chilli Dip and Pork Cracklings) This is the go-to and sure-to-please souvenir for visitors of Thailand’s north. Crispy pork cracklings (kab moo) and green chilli dip (nam prik noom) are a match made in heaven that could have you snacking on them all day long. The thick dip made with roasted green chilli peppers, garlic, shallots and cloves offers a mildly spicy palate that complements the addictive saltiness from the cracklings. The dip also makes for a good pairing with fresh vegetables - raw or cooked. 6. Gaeng Hung Lay A menu usually found on holiday feasts, be it weddings, housewarming parties or traditional celebrations, legend has it that the Gaeng Hung Lay curry dish made its way to the north of Thailand after years of war with Myanmar (formerly Burma). This explains its Indian influence, and why masala curry powder can be used as a substitute for the hung lay curry powder. Simmered for no less than 40 minutes, the tender pork belly will release exotic aromas of herbs and spices such as tamarind, galangal and pickled garlic. No coconut milk is needed in this curry dish, while some recipes will even throw in chunks of pineapple for a sour tang to cancel out the fattiness.

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9. Laab Dib This raw beef salad is the carpaccio or tartare of Thai cuisine. A popular dish both in the northern and northeastern or Isaan regions, laab dib uses similar ingredients as the laab, including chilli, mint, and fish sauce. However, the difference is in the use of raw chopped and ground beef, an addition of boiled organs and a splash of blood. This bold and fiery appetizer is not for the faint- hearted to begin with, but most importantly, make sure to order it only at reputable restaurants that use a sanitary source of beef. If all this doesn’t make you feel queasy, give it a go. 10. Gaeng Ho (Stir-fry Curry Glass Noodles) “Ho” in the northern Thai dialect means ‘put together’, so this stir-fry dish is made by putting all kinds of dishes together to make sure leftovers don’t go to waste. Leftover curry (usually hung lay) is stir-fried with glass noodles, kaffir lime leaves, bamboo shoots, lemongrass and pork. Dry yet strong in taste, today’s gaeng ho uses fresh ingredients for heightened nutritional benefits.

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