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PROJECT PROFILE | WARREN, RI Versatile Biofiltration System Meets Bayside Site Constraints Modular Wetlands® System Linear

Warren, Rhode Island

Introduction Originally built in the 1920s and “once home to the famous Tourister Luggage Company, Tourister Mill is now a stunning waterfront apartment community, on the beautiful bay of Warren, Rhode Island” 1 . As part of the new renovation, the developer Brady Sullivan Properties had to redesign surrounding parking lots and roadways while

creatively addressing unique construction and design challenges. Given the development’s location directly along the bay, it was imperative to comply with the Rhode Island state stormwater quality permits closely manage land use in order to maximize the limited open space for occupant amenities and parking. Situation “The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) serves as the chief steward of the state’s natural resources – from beautiful Narragansett Bay to our local waters and green spaces to the air we breathe. (Their) mission put simply is to protect, restore, and promote our environment to ensure Rhode Island remains a wonderful place to live, visit, and raise a family.” In order to comply with Rhode Island regulations, the developers of Tourister Mill Apartments were required to implement Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater treatment systems to mitigate the hazardous pollutants generated from their impervious areas. Pollutants related to this property’s use could include: • Nutrients & Bacteria • Sediments, Trash & Debris • Oils & Grease

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