Lewis-Goetz UpTimes, June 2016

June 2016

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Meet the New ERIKS CEO Lockout Tagout Share of Wallet Sales Strat

In this month’s issue we would like to introduce you to our ERIKS Global CEO, Simon Franken. Simon comes from our sister company, SHV Energy, and served on the ERIKS Management Board before taking his new position earlier this year. Later in this issue Simon discusses the ERIKS three year plan and our strategy moving forward. Please read his article to reinforce your understanding of our direction. June is safety awareness month. While safety should be a priority all year round, June is a great time for us to identify what we could be doing better and really drive home to our employees how important safety is to our company! This month, we will be focusing on lockout- tagout procedures and how and when they should be implemented. Please read that article to develop a better understanding of when to use lockout-tagout and remember to order any lockout-tagout

devices/kits that you might need for your location.

Once again we have two Share of Wallet success story best practices to share this month. As you will read in Simon’s article, becoming multi-product specialists for larger customers is an important part of our company strategy. These success stories and the Sales Strat examples in the weekly update emails are to be used as best practices in how we’ve helped customers and, as a result, won business. I encourage you to reach out to those that have experienced success selling new products within existing customers and to utilize our product managers and key account managers as internal resources that can help you garner business within your existing customer base. Last but not least, please see the Sale Strat article announcing May’s contest winner. As you know, I believe Sales Strat to be one of the most important and effective tools that we have as a company. This is an integral tool in proving our value to our customers and can be a vital instrument in gaining more product business within our existing customer base. Please read the winning entry and notice how our knowledge and service kept the customer up and running by saving them significant downtime costs. Please use this and the weekly update email for examples that prove our value to our customers.

Don Evans President and CEO

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