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A Life Dotted With Friends and Family


F or the past 14 years,“How is Freckles?” might have been one of the most common questions asked at the office. Our giant boxer hound was inmany ways the unofficial mascot of Homeside Financial, and ever since I found him tied up and abandoned in a trailer park when he was still a puppy, he’s been a part of the family. However, I’m sad to say that a few months ago, Freckles’surgeries and health problems caught up with him. He was experiencing a lot of pain, and Lanny and I knew he wouldn’t be able to go onmuch longer. Freckles passed on peacefully at the animal hospital onTuesday, Jan. 21. After I posted onmy Facebook page about Freckles’ passing, I receivedmore reassuring comments than I ever had on any other Facebook post. It’s amazing howmuch people love their fur babies and can sympathize with others when their grown pups die. That being said, Freckles had quite the fan base between our neighbors andmy clients. All the girls and the doctor at the animal hospital came by Freckles’bed to pay respects. Many of themwere in tears. So, as sad as his passing was, I can be happy

knowing that Freckles lived a good, full life with people, and other dogs, who loved him.

Even when I found Freckles as a puppy, he was already big. When I would pick himup, his back paws could still touch the ground. At his heaviest, he was around 130 pounds. His weight, combined with his weak legs caused a lot of health problems for Freckles throughout his life, but his size alsomade him seem dangerous at first glance. Of course, anyone who knew Freckles knew he was just a giant teddy bear. Anyone who had just met Freckles would find that out soon enough as well. Freckles could be mean if he wanted to, but most of the time, he was just a big goofball. He was the kind of dog who would pause mid-backscratch, legs and belly up in the air. Any neighbors who saw him doing that said he looked like a baby calf having a heart attack! He was also the kind of dog who loved squeezing into the backseat of my mini cooper for road trips. Drivers passing by always got a kick out of seeing this huge dog just enjoying life in the back of a tiny car. Freckles’goofiness belied some real intelligence, though. He and another one of our past dogs, Sparky, used to get into the house after we would put them in the backyard because Freckles figured out how to open the doors. Lanny and I would come back from an errand, and both of themwould just be lying on the couch in the living room. I’ll never know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if when they saw us, they thought,“You could have at least left the TV on.” I think what I’ll remember most about Freckles is howmagnetic his personality was. People would remember Freckles even if they didn’t remember me. Our neighbors were just drawn to him, and in one way or another, he kind of felt like the whole

Freckles in the MIni

neighborhood’s dog. He tied everyone together and gave us the opportunity to create relationships we never would have made otherwise. Our entire neighborhoodmisses Freckles just like we do, but more than anything, I think that’s a testament to the life Freckles lived. Lanny and I weren’t his only people. I think Freckles thought of the whole world as his family, and if he could see everyone now, he would know that he was right.

-Jamie Harrington



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