Hawkeye Brochure

Hawkeye MS (Multi Sensor)

Our Hawkeye MS is Chess’ latest electro-optical solution in the land domain, building on the combat proven Hawkeye Vehicle System for long range detection and 24-hour target observation. Designed for easy installation, this system can be integrated on to any tracked or wheeled vehicle and is suitable for fixed or mobile installation. The modularity allows for additional payloads to be added, therefore expanding the systems capabilities and allowing mission-specific configuration.

Hawkeye AD (Air Defence) Our Hawkeye AD system provides an integrated fire control solution for all types of ballistic effectors. It contains high-definition thermal imager and daylight TV sensors, coupled with a high performance laser range finder, all co-mounted on a dynamic direct-drive positioner. With a built-in tracker, Hawkeye AD delivers precise 3-D coordinates of both air and surface targets to gun control or combat systems. It is suitable for use on both fixed and mobile platforms.

Hawkeye EOSS-D (Electro Optical Surveillance System Digital) Our Hawkeye EOSS is a powerful surveillance and reconnaissance system that can be mounted in a fixed installation or in a stabilised configuration on vehicles. Its digital architecture allows employment of the latest generation thermal imager and TV camera sensors, and Chess’ advanced tracking and target classification algorithms. It delivers superior situational awareness to operators

C-UAS (Counter-UAS) Our Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) from Chess Dynamics is designed to detect, identify, track and defeat Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS) engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and malicious activity. The System uses a combination of cutting edge cognitive radars, target detection and tracking AI, electro-optical sensors, and directional RF detection and inhibition to provide 360-degree layered situational coverage. The System combines a smart-sensor and effector package and are equipped with advanced AI capabilities for target identification, classification, and tracking.

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