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The Biggest Mistake Why You Probably Don’t Have Enough Insurance


ut I have full coverage!”

Look at it this way: Bodily injury coverage pays out to people that are potentially injured as a result of an accident that is your own fault. Uninsuredmotorist coverage protects you if someone else causes injuries to you. Uninsured/underinsuredmotorist coverage is the most overlooked and undervalued insurance everyone should have. With this coverage, your insurance company has to step in if the person who hit you doesn’t have enough coverage themselves. In Florida, you automatically have uninsured/underinsuredmotorist coverage unless you sign an agreement specically stating you don’t want it. I’ve met many clients who didn’t even know they denied this coverage until after their accident. When people are shopping for insurance based on the price tag alone, it’s easy for insurance agents to quote a slightly lower price that omits uninsured/underinsuredmotorist coverage and stick the piece of paper in front of a client to have them sign. Most people sign without realizing what they’re giving up, which is potentially tens of thousands of dollars in coverage, in exchange for shaving a couple bucks o their premium eachmonth. Auto insurance is complicated. It’s not surprising that somany people have less coverage than they realize. Additionally, insurance companies aren’t quick to informpeople of their weak coverage plans because when people buy cheaper insurance that won’t cover the high costs of severe accidents, the insurance companies prot. This deceitful practice frustrates me to no end. The worst part of my job is when I have to break the bad news and tell an injured client we can’t do anythingmore for thembecause the insurance coverage isn’t there.

I cannot begin to tell you howmany times I have heard these words from a devastated client. Car accidents can cause life-changing injuries that require

expensive medical treatments to fully recover from. The massive medical expense, on top of missed work and emotional distress, is why people are so thankful their car insurance is there to take care of them. Unfortunately, it’s not until after an accident happens that most people realize their insurance won’t even begin to cover the costs. Having the right amount of insurance canmake or break a case after a car accident. The settlements attorneys are able to get for our clients come from insurance companies who are contractually obligated to pay out after an accident. But if someone doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the damages, or they don’t have any insurance at all, there’s only somuch attorneys can do. There’s nothingmore heartbreaking or frustrating for me as a lawyer than to see someone who’s been severely hurt in an accident and realize there’s

little we can do for thembecause there isn’t enough insurance on either side to cover the damages. This usually means my client doesn’t have enough insurance or the at-fault driver doesn’t have any insurance. Sometimes we have to settle for cases far less than what they are truly worth, because there is not enough insurance to pay for the actual case value.

If you’re not sure if your insurance is going to take care of you after an accident, feel free to call my oce or sendme an email. I amhappy to do a free insurance review. I’ll let you know exactly what your insurance will cover andmake any suggestions about how you can increase your coverage to better protect yourself and your family after an accident.

Current clients, past clients, and even people new to The LawOces of Marc Shapiro, P.A. can take advantage of this insurance review. If I can do something to help people be better o before an accident, then I’mhappy to do it. A little bit of extra insurance can go a long way after a bad accident. -Marc Shapiro

If your insurance agent tells you that you have“full coverage,”that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have uninsuredmotorist coverage. Although uninsuredmotorist insurance is one of the most important coverages, the state of Florida does not require uninsuredmotorist insurance to comply with the state minimum insurance requirements.

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