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July, 1940

stone for a pillow (cf. Gen. 28:10-15). And many a Christian, troubled and dis­ traught, must come to exhaustion be­ fore goodness and mercy are found. “All the days of my life” the Lord will keep me—not only the sunny days but also the gloomy ones, not only the days of gladness and joy, but the days of pain and distress as well. All my days goodness and mercy will be there. "And I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” There is no real dwell­ ing on earth, only houses which wear out or from which the dead are carried. But there is the prospect of a proper dwelling place, the house of the Lord, where believers shall be with Him for­ ever. What a glorious outlook for each believer in the Lord Jesus Christ! Points and Problems 1. “The Lord is my shepherd” (Psa. 23:1). The Lord here is none other than Jehovah, the great Covenant-God of Is­ rael. Every intelligent Jew knew Psalm 23, probably much better than we do today. He knew that his God was the Shepherd-God. Try to imagine, there­ fore, the amazement of the Jews when they heard a carpenter from Nazareth saying, “I am the good shepherd” (John 10:11, 14). Not, I am a good shepherd; but, I am the good shepherd. Undoubt­ edly they must have understood the clear reference to Psalm 23 where Jeho­ vah is presented as the good Shepherd. Is it surprising, therefore, to find our Lord’s Jewish hearers reacting as John • A t p resen t the W O R L D SY STEM h as ou r c h il­ dren 130 w id e -a w a k e h ou rs ea ch w eek com p a red w ith a p o ssib le one h ou r each w eek o f D irect C hristian G osp el Em ph asis. , T OM O R ROW . . . th e lu re o f the w o rld w ill ha ve w r o u g h t its h a voc. TOM O R ROW . . . m o d ­ ern in flu e n ce and m od ern p h ilo so p h y w ill h ave ca llou sed th e m inds o f to d a y ’s ch ild ren . TOM O R ­ R O W . . ’> th e h ea rt w h ich is "d e ce itfu l a b o v e all th in g s and d e sp era tely w ick e d ” w ill fin d excu ses fo r to d a y ’s sin an d the g la m o ro u s b id o f th e w o rld w ill seem to ou tsh in e the g lo r y o f the G ospel. In a ction . . . in deed . . . in W O R D ! . . . w e ll h ear th em say, “ I DON’T W A N T IT NOW.- • BOYS AND G IR L S T O D A f a re m en and w om en tom o rro w . P e tty sin s and little w ro n g s tu rn in to d issip a tion and crim e a lm ost o v e r n igh t. B u t the L IF E O F C H R IS T p lan ted in a y o u n g life NOW , THE WORLD CAPITALIZES ONBOYS ANDGIRLS By Fantastic. Wildwest Super Stories

“The Lord Is my shepherd”—a per- , sonal possession. Unless one can use the personal pronoun here, the repeating of the words will bring no more actual sat­ isfaction than the counting of another’s wealth. It should be remembered that 1while Christ is today the great Shep­ herd, He is also the good Shepherd, and He will be recognized one day as the chief Shepherd (cf. John 10:11; Heb. 13:20; 1 Pet. 5:4). If the fact be true, as stated in the first part of the verse, the consequences must follow, and the believer may con­ fidently say, “I shall not want.” n . T he B eliever ' s P rovision (2-6) First, there is provision for all the path (vs., 2, 3). For my sake, "he mak- eth me to lie down in green pastures” (v. 2), maketh—not by forcing but by satisfying; and He “leadeth me beside the still waters,” thus giving restfulness and security. Then, for His sake, “he re- storeth my soul” (v. 3), restoreth—not in the sense of bringing it back from sinful ways, but in the sense of “stor­ ing again” with supplies o f vigor and strength for the day’s requirements. In that strength, “he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” His honor and His fame are involved in the believer’s walk; hence for His own sake He restores and leads in righteousness. Secortd, there is His presence and pro­ tection (v. 4). This verse does not re­ fer to the death of the believer; there will not be any valley of shadow for the believer to pass through when he dies, but he will experience merely a leaving of the valley for the sunlit heights of glory. The shadow of death falls upon all on earth—the child, the tree, the » flower, the bird, and all so-called living things. The valley of the shadow is this present scene upon earth. But the be­ liever need not be alarmed. He can say, “I will fear no evil” in that valley. Third, there is satisfaction and serv­ ice (v. 5). The table speaks of the food Christ provides, His own Word which is supplied liberally to all who will partake. The anointing oil speaks of the Holy Spirit’s application of the Word to the human heart. And the over-running cup speaks of the service growing out of feeding upon the Word and experiencing the anointing of the Holy Spirit (cf. John 7:37-39; Lk. 6:38). HL T he B eliever ' s P rospect (6) “Goodness and mercy shall follow me.” Too many Christians are like Jacob when he fled from Esau because of his sin. Jacob traveled sofa s t to escape his sin that goodness and mercy had diffi­ culty in catching up with him; indeed they did not catch up until, exhausted with hie running, he fell asleep with a

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Room with Private Bath $30.00 to $50.00 per month Room with Detached Bath $17.00 to $25.00 per month

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