King's Business - 1940-07


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

July, 1940

David had not first rebelled against God. Social sin is always the direct result of religious sin. The second rea­ son was that the true God is the guar­ dian of the interests of ail men. To sin against a man, be he sinner or saint, child of God or child of the devil, is to sin against God, because man is God’s creature made in His image. For purposes of study and discussion we may sometimes say there are three kinds of sin: First, religious sin, or sin against God. Second, social sin, or sin against society. Third, individual sin, or sin against ourselves. But it would be more accurate to say that all sin is against God, and Him alone, because the law broken is God's law, not man’s. 2. “I acknowledge my transgres­ sions . . . blot out all mine iniquities” (Psa. 51:3, 9). If among the numerous petitions of this Psalm there is any one which .is the greatest, this is it. When we think of what sin is, the enormity of its guilt, its penalty according to the divine law, and its humanly ineradicable effects, it would seem impossible to ‘‘blot out” the smallest sin. Then when we consider the awful sin of David, the problem becomes infinitely great. But the God to whom David prayed is an in­ finite God. And He not only can blot out sin, but He actually does it: "I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy trans­ gressions,” He declares in Isaiah 43:25; and He does it, not for our sakes, but for His own sake. This is an amazing accomplishment, even for an infinite God. Though a man should commit but one sin in his life, and never again lapse from the path of righteousness, he would have to say with David, “My sin is ever before me” (Psa. 51:3). And only in Christ is God able to relieve the guilty conscience. It is not enough for God to forgive the sinner. Something must be done with the sin, which God did at Calvary, when He blotted out all the sins of those who believe. Golden Text Illustration J ames 5:16 The late Professor Blackie was a hot- tempered, sensitive; and exacting man. On one occasion, some students desir­ ing admission into his class in the uni­ versity were arraigned before his desk for examination. “Show your papers,” said the professor. A3 they obeyed, one lad awkwardly held up his paper in his left hand. “Hold it up properly, Sir, in your right hand,” said the teacher. The embarrassed pupil stammered out some­ thing indistinctly, but still kept up his left hand. “The right hand, you loon,” shouted the professor. “ Sir, I have nae right hand,” said the agitated lad, as he held up his right arm, which ended at the wrist. A storm of indignant hisses burst from the class; but the professor leaped down from the platform, flung his arm

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over the boy’s shoulder and drew him to his breast, and breaking into the broad Scotch of his childhood, said in a voice soft with emotion yet audible in the hush that had fallen on the class: “Eh, laddie, forgive me that I was over­ rough. I didna mean to hurt you, lad; I didna ken!” And turning with tearful eyes to the class, he said, “I thank God He has given me gentlemen to teach who ca’ me to account when I go astray.” That honest word captured the boys forever, and their cheers were as hearty as their hisses had been indig­ nant.—Christian Herald. When David Was Sorry 2 S amuel 12:1-14 MEMORY VERSE: “Thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive” (Psa. 86:5). APPROACH: This story is about David the shepherd boy after he became a king. He was great, but not always good. The Lord Jesus is the only One who never sinned. Anything that is not right is sin. David sinned, but he

told God he was sorry; so God for­ g a v e h i m a n d h e l p e d him to do right. LESSON STORY: Uriah was a man whose wife was so beautiful that David stole her to be his wife. David killed

Uriah by sending him to a dangerous war. It displeased God that David was so bad; so He sent Nathan the prophet to tell David a story about a rich man who had many sheep and a poor man who had nothing but a little pet lamb. The rich man had a hungry visitor, but he took none of his own sheep for din­ ner, but killed and cooked the poor man’s pet lamb. David was angry and said the mean rich man must die. Then Nathan said that David was like the Division

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