King's Business - 1940-07

July, 1940


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

located in Oakland, Calif. Apartments or rooms. Permanent or transient. Rates reasonable. Chris­ tians preferred. Phone: Piedmont 5611-J. Write 696 Mariposa Ave., Oakland, Calif._______________ _______________HOTELS __________ SOUTHLAND HOTEL, 605 S. FLOWER ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 273._____________________ HOTEL -WILLARD, 536-540 S. HOPE ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 263. : ____________ INSURANCE_____________; MINES, MacKEIGAN & HILKER, 448 S. HILL St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 270.____________- LANTERN SLIDES C. WHITFIELD SIMS, 6176 MYOSOTIS ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 276._______________________ MANUSCRIPTS WANTED NEW M E T H O D PUBLISHING CO., 442 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 272. MARKET RALPHS GROCERY COMPANY, LOS ANGELES, Calif. Page 265.______ , ______________ MISSIONS______________ AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE Jews, Inc., 31 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Contents page.__________________ ' CENTRAL AMERICAN MISSION, 3611 CON- gress Ave., Dallas, Tex. Page 279. ______■ NEW YORK JEWISH EVANGELIZATION 8 0- ciety, 56 Second Ave., New York, N. Y. Page 275. RUSSIAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY, INC., 1844 W . Monroe St., Chicago, 111. Page 271.__________ MONEY-RAISING PLANS METAL SPONGE SALES CORPORATION, PHIL- adelphia, Pa. Page 276. NATIONAL RELIGIOUS PRESS, GRAND RAP- ids, Mich. Page 276._______________________________ __ __________OBJECT LESSONS__________ HADDON SERVICE. BOX 164-B, FAIRFIELD, Conn. Page 266. ______'________________' ARNOLD CARL WESTPHAL, MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. Page 263._________________________ t _________ ’ ___ ___________ ORGANS ____________ BILHORN BROS. ORGAN CO., INC., 1414 Mc- Lean Ave. Chicago, 111. Page 265. • A. L. WHITE MFG. CO., 1902 W . GRAND AVE., Chicago, 111. Page 279.______________• _____________ _________PHOTO FINISHING________ _ THE PHOTO MILL. IMMEDIATE SERVICE. Eiglit-exposnre roll developed, printed, and choice of two enlargements, one tinted enlargement, or eight reprints, 25c coin. Reprints 2c. The Photo Mill, Box 629-30, Minneapolis, Minn.______________ PRINTERS —■ENGRAVERS ANDREW J. JOHNSON, 5308 EL VERANO Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 272,____________, ■ R1LEY-MOORE ENGRAVING CO., 337 S. LOS Angeles St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 273.________ _________ SHOE REPAIRING_________ ERICK PETERSON. 730 W . SIXTH ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 270.__________ • , SUNDAY-SCHOOL SUPPLIES

BUYERS’ GUIDE and CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SECTION. Try a Classified Ad for RESULTS at Low Cost. Only 5c a word— 30 words $1.50 minimum. MAIL NOW! R em itta n ce sh ou ld a ccom p a n y sin g le in se rtio n -S a ll co p y su b je ct to a p p rova l. C lo sin g date 10th o f m onth p re ce d in g date o f issue. THE KING’S BUSINESS • 558 So. Hope St. • Los Angeles, Calif.

ACCOUNTANTS BACON AND WRIGHT, 510 S. STRING ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 270.___________________ _ ^________ AGENTS WANTED_________ DONALD S. CURTIS, 130 VASSAR STREET, Rochester, N. Y. Page 204.____________ '___________ . NATIONAL ART STUDIOS, 417 DOUGLAS Bldg., Spring at Third St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 266._______________________________________________ ORIENTAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY, 900 N. HO- bart Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 275._______ SCRIPTURE GREETING GARD COMPANY, BOX 522, Philadelphia, Pa. Page 272.__________________ WESTERN ART STUDIOS, 257 SO. SPRING S Ï., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 268.______________________ - _________ ANNUITIES_____________ AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, BIBLE HOUSE, New York, N. Y. Inside back cover.________________ BANKING (SAVINGS) EQUITABLE PLAN COMPANY, 704 S. SPRING St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 271.________________ BIBLE BINDING GRACE BIBLE HOUSE AND BINDERY, BIBIJSS repaired and rebound. Flexible leather covers a specialty. Best study and gift Bibles. New An­ alytical, Scofield Bibles. Testaments. All prices. Grace Whidden, 2020 E. Fourth St., Long Beach, Calif. BOOK STORES__________ _ THE RELIGIOUS ROOK SHOP. 352 S. SPRING St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 206. ._______________ WESTERN BOOK AND TRACT C O M P A N Y (Oakland's leading Bible house), 1719 Franklin St., Oakland, Caiif. Dr. II. A. Ironside, Presi­ dent. Christian literature. Send for our catalogs and receive free booklet, also._____________________ BOOKS WANTED BOOKS WANTED. W E BUY RELIGIOUS books and sets. Send your list for best offer. Catalog of new and used books upon request. Baker’s Book Store, 1019 Wealthy, Grand Rapids, Mich. ___________ _______ CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS AMERICAN PROPHETIC LEAGUE, INC., 4747- 4751 Townsend Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., Page 204. BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL, 817 E. 24th St., Oakland, Calif. Page 270. ____________ BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASSN., 810 N, Wells St., Chicago, 111. Page 275._____________ THE DANIELLE PUBLISHERS, 4700 NORMA Drive, San Diego, Calif. Page 274._______________ LOCKYER BOOK MINISTRY, 633 SPRUCE «ST.* Philadelphia, Pa. Page 279.___________ ___________ THE NATIONAL VOICE, 12(v WEST THIRD ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 265._____________- CARLETON E. NULL, 300 12TH ST., OAK- land, Calif. Pages 264 and 267._______ _ THE VOICE, 4000 WASHINGTON, ST. LOUIS, Mo, Page 278.________________' CHURCH MUSIC__________ THE BENNARD MUSIC CO., ALBION, MICH. Page 268.

I GORDON E. IIOOKEK, 558 S. HOPE ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 275.__________________ ■ J. GRAYSON JONES MUSIC CO., P.O. BOX 177-B, Freeland, Pa. Page 276. _________________ LELLENAS PUBLISHING C O M P A N Y , 2923 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Page 264.__________ CLARENCE L. RANCH, 817 N. HARVARD Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 276.______________ CHURCH SUPPLIES INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION S E R V I C E COM- pany, 1701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 275. THOMAS COMMUNION SERVICE, Box 1214, LI- ma, Ohio. Page 276.___________________ ___________ __ COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, Ino., 558 So, Hope St., Los Angeles. Calif. Pages 271 and 278. ________ ; ' _________ BOB JONES COLLEGE, CLEVELAND, TENN. Back cover.______ ________ ' ____________________ MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE, 153 INSTITUTE PL, Chicago, 111. Inside back cover._________ _____ STONY BROOK SCHOOL, STONY BROOK, LONG Island, N. Y. Inside back cover .__________________ WESTMONT COLLEGE, 23V S. WESTMORE- land Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Inside back cover. WHEATON COLLEGE, WHEATON, ILL. PAGE 273. __________ CONFERENCES___________ CAMP PINNACLE, R.F.D ., VOORIIEESVILLE, N. Y. Page 279.______________________________________ THE DENVER BIBLE INSTITUTE, DENVER, Colorado. Page 266._________________________________ _________ DAIRY PRODUCTS_________ PERRY’S LUNCH ROOM AND DAIRY STORE, 617-619 W . Sixth St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 273. ____ __________ DENTIST______________ DR. RODNEY O. LILYQUIST, STORY BLDG., 610 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. Page 270. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES HOOKER’S ELECTRIC SHOP, 700 W . SIXTH St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 273. ____________ FLY KILLER HAROLD SOMERS, INC., 150 DE KALB AVE., Brooklyn, N. Y. Page 272._____________________ ’ GOSPELS AND TRACTS FAITII, PRAYER AND TRACT LEAGUE, MUS- kegon Heights, Mich. Page 275._____________________ FAITHFUL WORDS PUBLISHING CO., «116 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Page 263._________ SILVER PUBLISHING SOCIETY, 423 BESSE- nier Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. Page 265._____________ GOSPEL FILMS C. O. BAPHSTA FILM LABORATORY, 325 W . Huron St., Chicago, 111. Page 278. GOSPEL TENTS SMITH MFG. CO„ DALTON, GA. PAGE 276. GUEST HOME RUTHERFORD GUEST HOME. CENTRALLY

BEREAN BOOK ROOMS, 405 S. HILL' ST., LOS Angeles. Calif. Page 272._________________________ THE SCRIPTURE PRESS, INC., 800 N. CLARK St., Chicago, 111, Page 268.____________________ _________ TENT SEAT ENDS_________ IDEAL MFG. CO.. 1039 N. MANSFIELD AVE., Hollywood, Calif. Page 266. USE THE KING’S BUSINESS.BUNDLE PLAN TO SPREAD GOD’S WORD. AVAILABLE IN BUNDLES OF 10 OR MORE AT REDUCED PRICES. POSTPAID TO ONE ADDRESS IN U. S.

T h e B UN D LE P L A N is in ten d ed e sp e cia lly fo r th ose w h o rea lize the g re a t v a lu e o f a C h ristia n m a g a zin e in hom e, ch u rch , and S u n d a y-sch ool, in m ission s "and h osp ita ls and o th e r in stitu tion s, and w h o a re w illin g to do a little p e r­ son al w o r k in d istrib u tion . T h ere’s n o b e tte r w a y o f d o in g HOM E M ISSION A R Y or C H U R CH E X T E N SIO N W O R K than by p u ttin g co p ie s o f T H E K IN G ’S BUSINESS in to the h om es o f th e u n saved or th ose s e e k in g ligh t. THE KING’S BUSINESS • 558 SOUTH H


Monthly Number Each One Mo. Three Mos.


$ .07Vá $ .75 $2.00 $ 7.50


4.00 15.00

Bundle 25 .06 1.50

Bundle 50 7.00 25.00 Dealers • Churches • Sunday Schools ■ Institutions STREET • LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 2.50

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