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July, 1940

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schools in the English-speaking world.” The outlay for this work was enormous, but was gladly made. Hundreds of thousands of letters from all parts of the world poured into the office of the publishing committee, expressing the gratitude of readers for the help which “The Fundamentals” had been in saving them from the shipwreck of their faith. These valuable articles, in four vol­ umes, are again available. Please see inside front cover of this magazine. Mr. Stewart realized, too, that if a strong testimony to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is to be given tomorrow, young people must be trained thoroughly in the Word of God today. An enduring memorial to the faith, the vision, and the generosity of this faithful man of God and of his consecrated colleagues stands in the buildings of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, and in the further fact that year after year, in good times and in seasons of depression, the training in the Word of God has gone on uninter­ ruptedly. “His monument,” commented one edi­ torial writer on the life of Lyman Stewart, “is here, in the center of a great city of a million people—where hundreds of students are being trained for Christian work, where thousands of people are being reached through the printed page and through various evan­ gelistic enterprises, where the influence of the great pulsing heart of this man of God will be felt until this age shall close.” Yes, “until this age shall close”—by the grace of God, Lyman Stewart will live, his testimony and his gifts con­ tributing to the spread of the gospel in a world frenzied with war, suffering from famine, heartache, fear. And with him there will “live” also all those who, like him, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. For “he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.” —Louis T. Talbot.

One Hundred Years of Living One hundred years ago—on July 22, 1840—there was horn in Cherry Tree, Venango County, Pennsylvania, one who later merited the distinction of being great in many respects, yet one so mod­ est that in connection with some of his most remarkable achievements he would not even allow his name to be mentioned. On September 27, 1923, he went to be “with Christ; which is far better.” But in this year 1940, which marks the, cen­ tenary of the birth of Lyman Stewart, this truly “great” man is still glorious­ ly alive. Lyman Stewart was notable as a pi­ oneer in the business world; from be­ ing a poor boy, working in a tannery, he rose to the chairmanship of one of the largest oil corporations in the nation. He was distinguished also as a philan­ thropist; there are countless evidences of his practice of giving, especially to the work of the Lord. But best of all, he was outstanding as a Christian, a hum­ ble believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Of him, R. A. Torrey ,could say: “Mr. Stewart was one of the greatest Chris­ tians I ever knew—a rare combination of strength and achievement, on the one hand, and of gentleness and humility on the other.” Likewise T. C. Horton, who was until 1926 the Superintendent of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, could write feelingly of Mr. Stewart’s life and ministry, as the accompanying page indicates. Lyman Stewart lives today because the yearning of his heart extended to the needs of men in all the world. For example, when, about thirty years ago, he realized the fearful danger which confronted the church at large by rea­ son of the attacks being made upon it by professors and preachers who scoffed at the Word of God, Lyman Stewart, with his brother Milton, set about to publish “fundamental articles” to be sent “ to every minister, missionary, evangelist, and student in religious

“ The Bridegroom Cometh” How significant are present-day world conditions in the light of the prophetic portions of the Word of God! When one studies the Scriptures prayerfully and with an open heart, he is not sur­ prised at the perplexed—even tragic— state of the world today, for .the very events that are now taking place are recorded as being among those which will mark the “end time.” We would commend to all readers of THE KING’S BUSINESS that they study carefully Matthew 24 and 25. These chapters are a part of the' Olivet discourse, the last great .prophetic ut­ terance of the Lord Jesus Christ prior to His crucifixion on Calvary’s cross. .The words were spoken in reply to the question 6f the disciples: “What shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the consummation of thé age?” (Matt. 24:3, R. V. margin). In answer, our Lord looked down through the years toward the completion of the age, and He gave some unmistakable signs by which men may know the nearness of the close of the times of the Gentiles. The five great signs given by our Lord to show the approaching culmin­ ation of this dispensation are: religious declension, world war, famine, pestilence, earthquakes; and these are to be fol­ lowed by the revelation of the Anti­ christ and the erection of his image. It is true that the five first-named signt have been known to men of every age; but not until the present day have all the signs been present at one time, and in as great intensity as is now being ex­ perienced. . Surely the “sign” events characteriz­ ing the present hour should be a call and a challenge to every Christian to live for God and to take advantage of every opportunity for witnessing for JesUs Christ in view of the likeli­ hood of the close of this witnessing era and the completion and translation of the church which is His body. But

Enlarged King's Business

• It will be seen at a glance that this issue of THE KING’ S BUSINESS contains MORE editorials and MORE articles than usual. . . . In line with readers’ desires, increased emphasis has been placed upon current events in the light of Bible prophecy. At the same time, devotional articles and study material of

high quality continue to be offered as usual. • In its present form, THE KING’S BUSINESS is undoubtedly the BEST VALUE FOR A DOLLAR as a true-to-the-Bible family journal. . . . Will you not pray for this ministry and help to extend it by in­ troducing the magazine to your friends?

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